BYOD to drive hybrid cloud adoption

BYOD to drive hybrid cloud adoption

The use of bring your own device (BYOD) has brought with it a number of new trends for businesses across a number of different sectors over the last 12 months and that looks set to continue over the course of 2015.

One concept that could be set to really take off over the next 12 months is that of the hybrid cloud, which is defined by Gartner as being "a combination of private, public, and community cloud services".

According to Information Week's columnist Sarah Lahav, the coming year will see more IT organisations move an increasing number of services to third-party cloud service providers.

That will come despite there being a number of security concerns, particularly given the increased presence of mobile devices, which under the growing amount of companies adopting BYOD.

However, integrations and service availability will both rise to become two really practical concerns for adopting the cloud, with companies looking to get the most out of such platforms so as to enjoy benefits such as cost savings, flexibility, or scale.

Ms Lahav added: "From an IT management point of view, companies will continue to seek out people with the ability to manage suppliers and cloud service delivery over the technology itself.

Other experts have echoed Ms Lahav's prediction of an increase in the popularity of the hybrid cloud.

Matthew Dornquast, chief executive officer and co-founder of Code42 Software, Inc, claims that 2015 will be the year that IT leaders will face an increased challenge of managing the risks that come with unsanctioned consumer apps being used within the workplace, many of which come with supporting the devices needed for supporting the devices used in a BYOD policy.

He added: "As IT gets a handle on managing personal and professional data across devices, they will be drawn to the hybrid cloud as it offers the capacity and elasticity of the public cloud combined with the data security and privacy of private clouds."