Business cloud adoption expanding worldwide

Business cloud adoption expanding worldwide

Cloud technology is growing in popularity among businesses around the world, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics.

The data in the report indicated that firms are increasingly looking to replace their on-premises software deployments for key applications and infrastructure with cloud technology.

It is also being used to allow employees to access corporate data even when they are working remotely.

Mark Levitt, director, Enterprise Software and Communications at Strategy Analytics, said that cloud computing is "now the norm, not the exception".

"This Strategy Analytics survey shows that a majority of corporations have abandoned traditional on-premise software deployments for many types of application and infrastructure software," he added.

The majority of firms embracing cloud technologies are doing so because of the benefits it can provide, with time-savings and cost-effectiveness two major plus points.

Gina Luk, senior analyst, mobile workforce strategies at Strategy Analytics, said: "Clouds help companies respond better and faster to business users who expect easier access to applications and information using PCs and mobile devices."