BlackBerry launches OneDrive app

BlackBerry launches OneDrive app

BlackBerry has announced that it has rolled out Microsoft's OneDrive app for its BlackBerry 10 smartphones and tablets, adding another cloud storage option to the platform, in a move that is sure to make the brand more appeal to enterprise users

The new app will be available to download for BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10 and the limited edition Porsche Design P9982.

The app is to be made free for download at BlackBerry's Appworld store, and will work on a similar premise to similar offerings such as DropBox and Box.

OneDrive, which has seen its BlackBerry platform built by the phone manufacturer rather than Microsoft, offers users an integrated function that allows them to browse through or upload content from a BB10 device.

The latest version of the Connect to Microsoft OneDrive app is available for free download at the Blackberry’s Appworld.

The new app, built by BlackBerry rather than Microsoft, is much like the DropBox and Box apps. Connect to Microsoft OneDrive is designed to offer an integrated function to browse through files or upload content from the BlackBerry device.

OneDrive was previously named Sky Drive, only for the name to change due to legal action from media company BSkyB.

That rebranding allowed for a number of changes, and the BB10 app means that photos and videos captured on compatible devices to be backed up on the cloud, although there is also an option of disabling auto-uploads.

Users can toggle between their mobile network, while important files and documents can be stored and shared.

They can also take advantage of 7GB of free storage and 500MB of free space for referring a new friend. Although it is worth bearing in mind that every user only has a maximum of ten referrals or 5GB of free space as referral bonus.

The use of OneDrive means that BlackBerry has surely made itself even more popular with businesses looking to move their files onto remote storage systems, making them accessible anywhere.