Amazon CTO says future of cloud computing already here

Image: JackyLeung via iStock

Werner Vogels, Amazon’s chief technology officer, has said that cloud computing is now within the reach of even the smallest companies.

Speaking in Sydney, Mr Vogels said that greater competition and consumer power means that cloud technologies are accessible to huge numbers of businesses and individuals.

He went on to say that cloud technology means that any connected device will become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). He told Australia’s The World Today that “almost anything that draws a current will eventually become connected to a network”.

This echoes other opinions on the subject. For example, the cloud and the IoT have been called “inseparable” in the past. Writing for InfoWorld, David Linthicum said that we should expect to see significant growth in cloud-based services for devices in the next few years.

Mr Linthicum added he expected growth in storage services to support connected devices, and that there will be upgrades in communications networks, “including higher-speed cellular systems that will rival the pace of home networks”.

He went on to say that this will not be a future development, but rather that it is happening right now.

Amazon’s Mr Vogels then went on to speak about the advantages that cloud computing can have over the more traditional on-site servers. He pointed to companies like Uber and Airbnb, explaining that these companies have become household names after using the cloud to power their strategies.

Mr Vogels said that these firms are agile and innovative and that other companies need to compete with them. He suggested that the cloud was one way of doing so.