Adoption of cloud technologies boosts business engagement

Adoption of cloud technologies boosts business engagement

The businesses making use of cloud technologies available to them are seeing customer engagement and staff collaboration increase dramatically, according to a new survey.

Lero, Ireland's National Software Engineering Research Centre, has carried out a study into the benefits of moving to the cloud in collaboration with researchers at NUI Galway. The partnership claims the results of the study give the first empirical evidence of the positives that come from utilising cloud technologies.

Dr Kieran Conboy at the Cairnes School of Business at NUI Galway, who is leading the Lero research, said: "Despite the huge growth in cloud computing, research to date has largely been based on anecdotal evidence. NUI Galway conducted an in depth, evidence-based study across a number of Irish based organisations to see if the perceived benefits stood up."

The research confirmed the previous opinion that using cloud technology saved time for business users, particularly with the increase of BYOD, but it also revealed that the cloud has introduced a change in the way employees communicate with each other.

"This has the potential to leverage more innovation and collaboration along a company's supply chain", the report stated.

Dr Lorraine Morgan, senior researcher with Lero at NUI Galway, confirmed that businesses utilising the cloud are more transparent and open internally and are becoming more involved with customers.

"Even with those companies who are only dipping their toe in water, this is what they're saying they want," she added.

Cloud technology has been booming in recent years and it is expected to continue growing, with recent forecasts from Gartner predicting that the market will reach values of $207 billion (£128 billion) by 2016.

Chris Willford, chief operating officer at My Wealth Cloud, recently claimed that growing date levels that businesses are dealing with and improvements of internet connections around the UK is prompting further uptake of the cloud.

The expert explained that the technology is ideal for businesses looking to grow rapidly, noting that "it's easier to expand in the cloud than to upgrade to a series of larger local servers – and you have avoided obsolescence at the same time".