8 in 10 organisations using cloud technologies

8 in 10 organisations using cloud technologies

The take up of cloud technologies continues to accelerate, with 81 per cent of organisations now making use of these to some degree, according to new research.

Capgemini has found that these companies are either maturing or close to maturity in terms of their adoption, despite the fact that responsibility for driving this is moving away from the IT department to the business.

While a third of firms claim that the IT department is the main instigator of moving data to the cloud, 45 per cent said that individual business units are ultimately responsible for this.

Ron Tolido, senior vice president and chief technology officer of applications, continental Europe, Capgemini, said that the benefits of the cloud are now clear and widely understood.

"The adoption of cloud from an enterprise perspective is however set for major change, increasingly taking a truly strategic role in the organisation – a phenomenon we call 'business cloud'. The cloud has rapidly established a new benchmark in terms of how easy, quick and flexible solutions should be available to the business and it puts the alignment between business and IT in a whole new perspective," he added.

From a survey of 460 IT leaders and senior business managers around the world, three-quarters said that their company now has a formal strategy in place for the cloud. However, while the board of directors was seen as a driver by 29 per cent, it was described as a blocker by 28 per cent, which points to a lack of understanding at senior levels.

Paul Nannetti, global sales and portfolio director at Capgemini, said: "Cloud is a new source of business agility, placing the power of information technology closer to the business than ever before.Today, we no longer talk about the journey to the cloud, it’s the cloud-enabled journey that matters.”

It was also revealed that migration to the cloud is focused around new applications which help to support cutting edge areas of business, enabling a company to continue its growth and innovation, rather than through legacy facilities.