2016 could be the year of unified cloud communications

2016 could be the year of unified cloud communications

2016 could witness a massive surge in cloud-based unified communications, new research has suggested.

A Redshift Research and Azzurri communications survey claims the number of cloud-based deployments is set to rise from six per cent in 2015 to 28 per cent over the next 12 months.    

Experts claim it will be a transformative year for enterprise communications, specifically in mobility models.

A greater reliance on collaboration tools, as well as an increased number of telephony set-ups, are also set to take hold over the next 12 months.

Research found nearly all enterprises have deployed at least one collaboration tool (93 per cent) while another 69 per cent have implemented up to four, and a further 29 per cent have deployed even more.

Emphasis on such solutions is likely to continue this year with a further 41 per cent of enterprises aiming to increase their investment in collaboration tools.

In terms of telephony, unified communications is gaining ground on both IP or traditional PBX, which currently accounts for 62 per cent of the market.

Yet with 48 per cent of companies identifying the coming year as the ideal time to change their telephony set up and move to UC, the state of the market may well look very different.

UC carries a wide range of advantages for businesses, but high maintenance costs (cited by 55 per cent) and inflexibility (also 55 per cent), associated with current telephony systems, have prompted many IT departments into a rethink.

As a result, only a third of companies state they will continue to use PBX telephony in 2016.