Mayflower High School Case Study


Mayflower High School is a large secondary school and sixth form college with Academy status in Essex.


Mayflower High School needed to upgrade their existing outdated telephone system and wanted to improve how they handled communications.  Flexibility, control and a single supplier that could look after all their  telecommunication needs were also important.


Arrow supplied Mayflower High School with a MiVoice Office 250 system and maintenance cover.  The Mitel system is easy to use, reliable and offers a capacity of 150 digital extensions to allow for future growth.  The online admin tool gives much greater flexibility in managing the system and the provision of Wi-Fi handsets means staff can make free calls wherever they are on the campus. Historical reporting is now available across the campus via the Call Management module and the Auto Attendant provides centralised voicemail and a multi-option Night Service.

Arrow’s Technology Fund

Customers choosing to take Arrow’s Technology Fund are allocated up to 75% of the first year’s maintenance cost which can be used to purchase any hardware across Arrow’s portfolio including mobiles, smartphones, tablets, PBX equipment, accessories as well as any up front charges for new services such as new line installation and routers.  Mayflower High School used their Technology Fund to purchase 14 Samsung mobile phones and an Apple iPhone which are used by maintenance staff and staff who are off the premises on school trips.

One supplier, one invoice

Mayflower High School now has the advantage of liaising with only one supplier for all their communication needs. The school has a dedicated Arrow Account Manager and support contact to manage their communications strategy and their day to day needs. Arrow provides Mayflower High School with a single monthly invoice for all their services as well as visibility to usage and historical cost reporting via an online portal.