BYO with a twist

BYO with a twist

It’s been a good ten years since Bring Your Own was popular in restaurants but its making a comeback – with a twist.

Bring your own device (BYOD) i.e. connecting your own laptop or mobile to the corporate network is becoming increasingly popular due to:

  • The myriad of mobile devices readily available – laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones
  • Greater flexibility in work locations – home, Starbucks, customer sites and hot desks
  • Advances in desktop virtualisation technologies which reduce the device to a ‘dumb terminal’
  • The growth of cloud computing encouraging CIOs to change their IT infrastructure

Companies that have adopted virtualisation strategies have been able to provide a more flexible approach to work locations, saved costs on support and purchasing/maintenance of corporate liable devices and enabled their staff more choice in terms of devices they choose to work with.

Whilst desktop virtualisation is relatively straightforward at the PC level does the same apply for individual liable or BYOD mobiles? There are a number of advantages:

  • Removing the cost of devices from the company’s P&L
  • Personal calls are charged to the end-user directly
  • Wider choice of handsets available to end-users
  • No management time spent managing the mobile fleet
  • Greater care taken of handsets as a personal not company asset

When you look in more detail at these advantages some of them are not quite as clear cut as it would initially appear and there are a number of disadvantages:

  • Increased costs through decentralised  buying processes
  • Higher cross network call costs due to a lack of network standardisation
  • Business call cost re-charging can be a real administrative overhead – especially if the end-user chooses not to pay by direct debit
  • Lack of visibility to enable business cost recovery for internet or BlackBerry usage
  • Greater frequency of device swap outs incurring overhead costs for IT staff to reset users’ settings
  • Mobile Device Management Tools required to manage company data on a wider range of devices

Arrow is currently developing a solution for mobile device management across a range of platforms and if you would like to find out more about our solutions or are considering introducing a BYOD mobile scheme then please speak to us for advice and assistance.