Samsung Galaxy S8 storage capacity leaked

Samsung Galaxy S8 storage capacity leaked [Image: xavierarnau via iStock]

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 is set to come with 256GB of storage, according to sources in China who claim to have seen leaked details from the company.

As well as the huge capacity to be offered, the Galaxy S8 will feature 6GB of RAM. This would go some way towards making it the most powerful Android device yet.

Samsung will also no doubt be hoping that the new smartphone will boost buyers’ confidence after the devastating problems with the Galaxy Note 7.

After a number of users began reporting that their batteries were exploding, Samsung issued a recall of affected devices, going on to then cease production completely.

The company will have a lot to prove with the release of its next phone, particularly because the Note 7 had been touted as the best smartphone on the market by many experts before the battery problems hit the headlines.

Samsung has made devices that can be expanded to 256GB with a microSD card, but it remains rare to see a smartphone sold with this amount of capacity. By producing a smartphone offering 256GB of storage space, Samsung is likely positioning itself as Apple’s top rival.

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 offers 256GB of storage, the highest available at the present time.

It would be a huge increase from the Galaxy S7, which began at 32GB of storage.

According to tech review site, the “hefty 6GB of RAM should be running alongside a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor or an Exynos 9 Series CPU – both likely to offer more than enough power while staying efficient for battery performance”.

Further leaks have revealed that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will feature an ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint sensor. This will reportedly be able to detect a fingerprint through glass – something that a number of smartphone manufacturers look set to embrace, including Apple.

It means that devices featuring this sensor will be able to abandon the bezel, leaving it with a  edge-to-edge display.

Other leaked information has revealed that Samsung will be producing the Galaxy S8 with a rear dual camera, which has already been seen on the iPhone 7.

Earlier this month Samsung also confirmed that its next smartphone will feature a new virtual assistant, which will rival Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. The technology will be provided by Viv Labs, which Samsung acquired in October.

Samsung will be hoping that the assistant can offer more than those by Apple and Google, with better artificial learning. Third-party integration will be a major selling point, with apps able to work with the assistant to provide a seamless user experience.

Samsung executive vice-president and head of the software R&D and mobile communications business Injong Rhee said: "Developers can attach and upload services to our agent.

"Even if Samsung doesn't do anything on its own, the more services that get attached the smarter this agent will get, learn more new services and provide them to end users with ease."