Apple reportedly introducing curved screen to iPhone

Apple reportedly introducing curved screen to iPhone [Image: martin-dm via iStock]

Apple is reportedly set to introduce a curved screen to its next iPhone.

The prediction comes from a source quoted in a Korean newspaper and follows a number of leaks that the iPhone 8 will feature an edge to edge display.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the new report is that it is thought Apple will buy the screens from Samsung, its biggest mobile device rival.

According to a source the Korea Herald claims knows what Apple is planning: “The OLED version of the new iPhone will all be curved as Apple ordered all plastic OLED – not glass – from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple.”

Currently, analysts think that the display will be made of a bendable plastic that stretches to wrap around all of the edges of the iPhone. This will result in a bezel-free design, already seen in Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

According to the source quoted in the Korea Herald, Apple might also make use of new sensing technologies on its upcoming device. The newspaper reported that they said: “The upcoming iPhone may use new sensing technology, which enables the phone to respond when users touch any side of the device.”

This could potentially lead to users accidentally registering touches to the display, something Forbes called “the Galaxy S7 Edge’s worst trait”.

However, the source speaking to the Korea Herald did issue a caveat, saying that “Apple may not adopt this technology” after all.

Some analysts have also pointed to the rumours of a plastic screen as a bad decision by Apple. Although it may not shatter like glass, plastic is a softer material that can be more easily chipped and scratched.

Many do not think that Apple will be able to strengthen the plastic, which, in addition, would not feel as premium as glass.

Apple has used Gorilla Glass, provided by Corning, in its smartphones since they were first launched. According to, it is uncertain whether Apple would fit the plastic underneath the glass layer.

It is expected that the next iPhone will be released in late 2017. It is currently thought that Apple will introduce a radical new design for the iPhone 8 as it will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company’s smartphone line.

There have also been predictions that Apple will release three different smartphones next year: one brand new device with an OLED screen and two less radical designs that might resemble the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Experts have said that they expect the OLED screen to measure 5.5 inches.