BlackBerry 9780 Bold Review

BlackBerry 9780 Bold Review

When I think of the new BlackBerry 9780 the immortal words of Charlton Heston “from my cold dead hands” springs to mind. Moving from a BlackBerry 9700 to a Torch was a breath of fresh air; a device that I could do a lot more with due to its numerous input methods (touch screen, keyboard, track pad). When the BlackBerry 9780 landed on my desk I was a bit loathed to move across as I only saw it as a BlackBerry 9700 with OS6.

Oh how wrong could I have been! With the 512MB of on-board memory and a 5.0MP camera (compared to the Bold 9700) the device is responsive and quick, the addition of another 256MB of on-board memory turns a normal BlackBerry into something really special. I’m finding that even with the lack of the touch screen I can navigate the new OS6 with just the track pad and with the integrated search feature on the home screen I can search for anything on my device without delving into the inner recesses of the OS.

All my favourite features of OS6 that were on my Torch are present, but with the build of the tried and tested 9700 it becomes a marvel to use and behold amongst the flotilla of BlackBerrys that are out there.

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Amardeep Kalsi