5 Steps to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

5 Steps to Keep Your Smartphone Safe
Secure your tablets and smartphones now before they attract the attention of a cybercriminal.

The only way to fully protect a mobile device is to secure the device itself as well as the data and apps that are on it.

The Android platform with its open source architecture is just as popular for genuine app developers as malicious hackers. As malware increases, businesses need to be ahead of the game to protect their mobile devices and the sensitive data that they carry.


 1. Lock the device

Lost and stolen devices continue to be the most serious threat for businesses. Every month, Londoners leave 10,000 phones in the backs of taxis, according to a 2009 survey of cab drivers by security firm Credant Technologies.  On top of that, the British Transport Police report that 45% of thefts on London’s underground train system are of mobile phones. What happens when those lost phones happen to carry sensitive corporate data, or have easy access to it? Well, without a mobile device management solution, that precious data can be compromised.


 2. Use a trusted app store

Ensure that your users can only download apps from trusted stores like Google’s Android Marketplace or set up your own.

DME AppBox from Excitor mobilises all your enterprise applications into the DME secure container. It enables a wide range of business processes to be built in and deployed quickly and easily by re-using the existing security and mobilization infrastructure inherent in DME.


 3. Stay on the latest version

Just like PCs, mobiles and tablets need to be updated regularly with the latest security patches. This can usually be done over the air but iPhone users will have to plug in to update their apps until the release of iOS 5.


 4. Back up data

If users back up regularly then data is less likely to be lost if the device has to be wiped. Restoring a phone is very easy with over the air syncing and minimises loss of productivity.


 5. Don’t jailbreak phones

The fundamentals of a phone’s security are built around how various applications and data interact with each other. On an iPhone this is done slightly differently due to all applications and application data residing within its own sandbox container. By Jailbreaking an iPhone you compromise that security and with it the integrity of the data.

Jailbreaking breaks the digital-rights management that locks the data and application data on the device and also the carrier security element. With DME from Excitor you have the ability to place all your corporate data and applications inside a unique secure sandbox environment with ultimate control on whether the user can transfer data from the sandbox into the less secure part of the phone. This gives IT administrators and Security Officers the peace of mind knowing that whatever a user may do on their device the company data is never compromised.

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