3 HOT new BlackBerrys launched today

3 HOT new BlackBerrys launched today

All devices include the much awaited BlackBerry 7 Operating System with breakthrough technologies like Liquid Graphics, new apps and a smoother, faster experience. The new BlackBerry Browser offers incredibly fast page load times, better web–based gaming, HTML video support and seamless scrolling and zooming. BlackBerry 7 also enables Near Field Communications (NFC) meaning you can pay for travel, redeem vouchers or even gain access to your office by swiping your BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 has a touchscreen display, large keyboard and supports NFC. It also comes with a 5Mp camera, 8GB of internal memory and a 1.2 GHz processor. The 9900 smartphone is the thinnest, sleekest BlackBerry yet.

Two new BlackBerry Torch smartphones also made their appearance today. The 9810 is an updated version of the 9800 and the 9860 is the first all touch smartphone to be launched since the ill-fated Storm. Both devices sport a 1.2GHz processor and BlackBerry 7 OS which together create the fastest BlackBerry browsing experience yet. The Wikitude™ app uses augmented reality and the phone’s camera to locate just about anything and multi-tasking has been made a lot easier.



The 9900 is expected to be available from Arrow in late August with the 9810 and 9860 arriving in late September.