For many businesses, their voice communication systems are often the primary way they interact with new prospects and existing clients. Whether it’s outbound salespeople or inbound customer service teams, it’s vital these personnel are able to take advantage of quality communications services to work effectively.

But how can you be sure you’ve got the best solutions, and that your teams are operating to their full potential? This is an especially important question in the new era of working, where the rise of remote and home working means many individuals are operating without the same level of direct supervision they were used to in the past.

At the same time, increasing the use of these channels to maintain contact with customers and manage sales will mean firms have to maintain compliance with a range of rules and requirements. This is especially important for firms working in heavily-regulated industries, such as those governed by the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority.

The need for communications accountability

A key part of this will be the need for advanced call recording capabilities. This not only ensures that firms retain compliance with industry regulations but acts to protect a business against any disputes, as there will be a full record of exactly what has been discussed with a customer.

This was one of the reasons why car leasing firm Vehicle Consulting migrated away from a legacy on-premises system to a Wildix solution provided by Arrow. While it would have been possible to add the required recording solutions to its old system, this would not have been cost-effective or practical for the future. However, the cloud-based Wildix platform offers this natively, ensuring the company is able to meet its compliance needs.

What’s more, these features also provide a great training tool to the business. Managing director of the firm Lee Wolstenholme explained how if a member of his sales team is particularly pleased with a call, this can be tagged and played back in team meetings to share best practices and improve learning.

How communication visibility boosts business performance

However, it’s not just recording tools that help businesses keep quality and productivity high. Another benefit of hosted comms services like Wildix is the wide variety of reporting metrics on offer.

This can range from simple sign-in and sign-out solutions – which can be vital for firms where employees are working remotely – to detailed info on call times, how long it takes a call to be answered and more.

This helps firms identify who their best performers are and where any gaps in their operations lie. This enables them to better plan for the future, such as by recognising when additional capacity is required. It can also be used again to guide training or provide evidence if someone’s performance has dropped.

At Vehicle Consulting, these features have proven useful in helping ensure leads are being followed up on effectively. Lee also noted having these figures has boosted productivity in the sales team by instilling competitiveness, as individuals can see how they’re performing against their peers.

Of course, there are many other benefits to quality reporting and recording tools. Read the full case study to find out more about how we’ve helped Vehicle Consulting, or get in touch to see what Arrow could do for your firm.

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