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Arrow can reduce the cost of your business mobiles and help you effectively manage the different usage requirements of its employees.

  • Have you noticed how much more data your mobile users are consuming now?
  • Are you thinking of implementing Office 365?
  • Can your employees access your corporate data whilst on the move?
  • Do some staff use more data than others?

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Arrow’s Flex tariffs provide a central pool of data and minutes that can be used by all connections low data users balance the high users.

UK Minutes, SMS, Data and Roaming Data all shared

Flex tariffs remove the burden of adding and removing bolt-ons and means that it is much easier to budget expenditure. The tariff also includes a certain amount of flexibility allowing minutes to be increased and decreased within agreed limits to suit usage.

As a dual network provider Arrow has the flexibility to provide comprehensive solutions across the two key business networks in the UK; Vodafone and O2 which means we can offer full contingency and back-up for locations with weaker coverage. Arrow is one of just eight Independent Service Providers for Vodafone and a top five Service Provider for O2.