Mobile Managed Services

Outsource the management of your mobiles

When you choose Arrow as your mobile service provider, you can be assured of a superior level of customer service. Arrow’s team will manage every step of the transition so that the change is seamless to end users and disruption to service is minimal.

Our flexibility is unique as we can offer as much or as little support to your teams as you require. We offer a variety of scaled support models which can be aligned with your strategic and day to day support requirements. These include, but are not limited to, Administration, Professional Services and first and second line Technical Support.

Standard Managed Services include:
    • End User Service
    • Activation support
    • Fault resolution
    • Business as usual – Stock control, Ongoing database maintenance, Recycling, MDM Support
    • VIP Management
We also offer a range of services in additional services:
    • Management of all other servers and applications such as Mail or SQL Servers
    • Support of SIMs and hardware not provided by Arrow
    • Implementation support including bespoke tariffing, branded emails communicating the changes to users, guides and roadshow planning.
    • Professional IT service
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