Security and management of mobile data

Protect against the full spectrum of mobile threats and manage data costs wherever you are in the world.

Enterprise Mobility – where are we now?

Businesses have gone mobile: the ability to work however, from wherever is a top priority and users have started calling the shots.  Using cellular data or WiFi, our ‘always on’ devices are able to access company information 24/7 wherever we go:  in the office, on the road, at home or abroad.  This flexibility brings with it some challenges:  Allowing access to business data inevitably increases the risk of this sensitive data being compromised either by external attacks or by users able to store business content on their personal cloud storage solution which is on the same device.  In addition, as the demand for data increases and more global roaming happens, financial risks increase in the form of higher monthly bills and more incidents of ‘bill shock’.

How we can help

Wandera’s mobile data solutions help to protect your business from risks, while ensuring employees have a seamless experience with their device and the data.   Using industry-leading threat prevention, Wandera protects against the full spectrum of mobile attacks including Man-in-the-Middle, while highlighting apps and sites that leak PII (Personally Identifiable Information).  Ensure your devices are compliant with your company’s acceptable usage policy using dynamic controls and gain insight into data usage with granular, real-time visibility.  By knowing what data is being used and how, you can put controls in place that deliver substantial data savings.

Wandera and MDM

MDM is all about managing the device and the apps.  MDM looks at the device credentials and configures the device to be in compliance with the settings your business approves to prevent the user from stealing company data.  Unlike Wandera, MDMs don’t have access to data going into and out of the device.  This real-time, granular visibility means Wandera can detect and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks or see data being sent to a personal cloud storage site and block access.  This technology secures and manages your mobile data in real time.

MDM and Wandera work as complementary solutions to provide both device and data security; MDM protects your device, while Wandera prevents hackers trying to attack your data and device in real-time.

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