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The demand for data has also grown significantly since the introduction of 4G, increasing the number of mobile apps and video content. As 5G is rolled out across the mobile networks, data consumption is expected to increase exponentially, therefore, every organisation needs a strategy in place to protect their corporate data and the personal data of their employees.

Whether you have a Corporate Owned Business Enabled (COBE), Corporate Owned Personal Enabled (COPE) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme within your business, it is vitality important that you have visibility and control of all mobile devices accessing your corporate networks.

Arrow has sold mobile devices to UK businesses for over 20 years and are experts in the field of Mobile Security. This puts us in a great position to help your business prevent threats, enforce policy and reduce mobile data usage on corporate devices. Data is the pivotal element in the equation which is why organisations need the tools to be able to secure that data on their mobile end points whilst giving staff the freedom and flexibility to work efficiently on mobile devices wherever they are.

To pro-actively secure your mobile devices, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Data Management solutions need to support your entire fleet of devices, provide central management for your administrators and enable easy integration with all enterprise systems. Arrow provides three solutions which cater to the needs of most businesses:

IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Device Management is a fast, fully featured solution to configure devices for enterprise access and protect corporate data on smartphones and tablets, all from a single screen. As a robust integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies mobile device management (MDM) with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

VMware Workspace™ ONE™ is a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. By integrating identity management, real-time application delivery, and enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE engages digital employees, reduces the threat of data leakage, and modernises traditional IT operations for the Mobile Cloud Era.

Both MaaS360 and Workspace One have been consistent leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and are considered best of breed.

Wandera complements Mobile Device management platforms by providing an Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management solution which monitors and controls the use of data in real-time through an industry-leading web gateway designed specifically for mobile. Wandera provides multi-level protection keeping your mobile fleet safe from threats, vulnerabilities and data leaks as well as allowing you to understand usage patterns and enforce rules about which behaviours, sites and apps are considered acceptable.

Wandera also protects against the full spectrum of mobile attacks including Man-in-the-Middle, while highlighting apps and sites that leak PII (Personally Identifiable Information).  Wandera also ensures your devices are compliant with your company’s acceptable usage policy using dynamic controls to gain insight into data usage with granular, real-time visibility. By knowing what data is being used and how, you can put controls in place that deliver substantial data savings.

Arrow’s security products combined can help you manage all of your endpoint devices, provide multi-level protection from mobile threats, help your business comply with data protection laws and lastly, cope with the ever-increasing rate of data consumption.

Reasons to choose Arrow

  • 20 years’ experience of selling and supporting business mobile solutions.
  • We work with leading Gartner Magic Quadrant MDM specialists.
  • Arrow has successfully deployed mobile security solutions across all vertical markets and for businesses of all sizes.

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