What is 5G capable of?

  • 5G Peak speeds will reach and exceed 1Gps. As the network capacity will increase, customers will enjoy higher and more consistent mobile average speeds— even in areas with less-than-ideal coverage.
  • Latency is the round trip time between the device and the server; the lower it is the better and with more than 60% latency reduction, customers can deploy interactive mobile apps or games without worry; 5G will keep them responsive.
  • Internet of Things will become a reality with the 5G network background.

What will 5G do?

Technical DetailsPossibilities
Capacity: 5G radio frequency has a wider bandwidthConnect more things easily without network stains or slow connection
Less latency for mission critical servicesMessages can be transmitted in real time, enabling services like power line, railways, methane detection, remote surgery
Enhanced Mobile Broadband to do business in real timeBe always connected to fast broadband and enhance your customer experience with ultrafast gaming or live interactive broadcasting
Augmented Reality (AR) based on geolocation data and local visual navigationSpecial offers as people shop, better tourist information on-the-go
Internet of Things: day-to-day devices can be connected internet. It is estimated that soon there will be 1 million IoT devices per km2Bins, fridges, buildings, even cities can be smart; they can communicate, improve efficiency, and provide enhanced possibilities for the customer
Network slicing to support a multitude of applications, each with different performance requirementsOffers the guaranteed bandwidth and low latency for e.g. self-driving cars and V2V services

A new world of possibilities with 5G

Even for voice calls, 5G unlocks more possibilities. VoLTE (Voice over 4G, aka Voice over Long-Term Evolution)  enables voice calls to be carried across our 4G  data network, instead of using 2G or 3G.

This means:

Making and receiving calls and using data without interrupting 4G download speedsClearer calls and less background noiseLess buffering or pixilation during video callsConnecting customers to their family and friends– even faster than before

The long road of Mobile Connectivity

This is the evolution of mobile internet connection.

– Radio calls
– Texts
– Basic internet
– Basic video calls
– Streaming
– Better internet
– Speeds as fast as our home broadband
– Online gaming
– Starts with 4GEvo; organically evolves from it

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UK Coverage map for O2 and Vodafone

October switch on date—Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds

O2 is in the process of switching 5G on. The locations will be updated when it is launched.


Currently—Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff, Gatwick, Lancaster, Manchester, Newbury, Liverpool, London, Plymouth, Wolverhampton


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