Microsoft Teams offers a powerful solution for your entire business, but it will be hard to achieve its full potential without the support of an expert partner.


If you want to make the most of the new way of working, effective communication and collaboration tools are a must. And for many businesses, the obvious answer to this is Microsoft Teams.


However, the platform is more than just a tool to keep in touch with colleagues and customers. It’s a complete ecosystem that – if deployed properly – can sit at the heart of everything your firm does.


As such, these migrations need to be treated with the importance they merit. And to get the most out of these mission-critical operations, it pays to have the help of a skilled provider that can guide you through the process from start to finish – and beyond.


A single solution for your entire ecosystem


For Teams to reach its full potential, employees should be able to access all the tools they need to work effectively, whether this is collaborating on projects, managing supply chains or dealing directly with customers, all from within a single solution that can be accessed instantly from anywhere.


To achieve this, it’s vital that you plan your deployment carefully and have a clear roadmap in place for each phase. This starts with determining the initial scope of the project and identifying any additional supporting services you’ll need – such as networking or hardware upgrades. The Teams ecosystem is likely to touch every aspect of your business, so a comprehensive assessment of your operations is vital.


You also need to think about how you’ll create a thorough training programme to educate users on the features of the technology and the benefits they can expect to enjoy as a result of using it.


Employee attitudes aren’t something that can be overlooked or taken lightly. User resistance is often one of the biggest causes of failure of IT projects, and this risk may be even greater if you’re introducing technology that will have a central and wide-ranging impact on the way people communicate and collaborate.


Therefore, firms shouldn’t attempt to go down this route alone. Instead, you should look for the support of an experienced, expert partner that recognises the value of Teams to your operations and understands what needs to be done to make the most of it.


The need for effective integration


Another benefit of having the right partner will be in ensuring that any technical challenges associated with deploying the services are able to be overcome smoothly. Ensuring these systems are effectively integrated with existing tools is a must if the transition is to work effectively. If users still find themselves having to turn back to older systems for key applications or information, this will undermine the point of the new deployment.


Connecting legacy technologies such as voice telephony services is also essential to many firms for the smooth running of a business. While you could use the technology’s built-in VoIP services, this can be a limited and more costly option.


Instead, being able to connect directly to solutions like SIP trunks will be vital for many firms, as it means they can maintain any existing features and services they may have built up over the years without disruption.


Getting the Teams ecosystem up and running, however, is only the start. It’s not reasonable to expect everyone to get on board with everything right away, especially if it represents a major change in the way they work. As such, a high level of ongoing support is essential in ensuring that the system is capable for tomorrow as well as today.


The support to grow and build for the future


The first step in this is being able to provide users with all the information they need. While an effective initial training programme is a must, this may not cover everything that every individual user will encounter. Therefore, users need a resource hub they can turn to at any time to find answers.


That’s why when you partner with Arrow, for instance, you gain access to over 5,000 training videos, hosted within the Teams client, that provide detailed information on every aspect of the system.


A good provider can also help with everything from monitoring all the systems needed to support a Teams deployment, to handling any licensing and patching issues and protecting your data from threats. A secure, up to date and stable solution is vital to your company’s performance, which is why it’s crucial to have a partner that understands the system and how it will need to be implemented, maintained and scaled to meet your unique needs, now and in the future.


It also helps if you can find a partner that practices what they preach, so will have a working first-hand knowledge of what the system looks like in practice. At Arrow, we made the transition to Teams in 2019, so we know what a difference it makes in connecting our employees at all of our offices up and down the UK, as well as our remote workers. Some of our team spend up to 80 per cent of their working day within the ecosystem, so we know just how integral it can be to businesses.


Get in touch to learn more, or read our new ebook to find out how Arrow can make your Teams transition as seamless as possible.

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