LG has officially unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the G7 ThinQ, which follows last year’s G6. Named after the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, which has been incorporated into its camera, the new device is an attempt by LG to stop its mobile division losing money.

The G7 ThinQ has received mixed reviews, with some praising the sound quality it produces, but others critical of LG’s design choices. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the initial reviews.

Controversial design decisions

The phone is just the latest in a string of devices to adopt the notch on the display in an attempt to maximise screen space but retain the front-facing camera and speaker. However, like Huawei’s recently released P20, the G7 ThinQ allows users to turn the notch into a bezel if they prefer it.

The Verge was critical of the way LG has managed this. Reviewer Vlad Savov said the company’s choice of LCD screen, rather than OLED, means it results in “a dark shade of gray around the notch instead of black”. However, Daniel Bader, writing for Android Central, called the screen “the most luxurious LCD panel on the market today”. So it appears as if the phone’s screen will divide opinion.

Meanwhile, Android Authority’s Joshua Vergara said that while the G7 ThinQ is “not the most unique-looking device… it is still a looker”. Savov, however, said “the G7 simply feels less premium than its rivals”, pointing to the density of the Gorilla Glass encasing the device as the reason.

ThinQ artificial intelligence

With the new device, LG has introduced its ThinQ AI capabilities, which will be noticed particularly on the camera. Bader said that the “machine learning-based photo enhancement isn't without controversy or frustration”, but appreciated that it can be disabled.

Savov wrote that although LG is offering an AI-assisted camera, “Huawei already does that better”. He added: “More to the point, Huawei procured a much larger sensor for its main cameras on the P20 and P20 Pro, whereas LG is sticking with the same sensor size as last year (which was already behind leaders like the Google Pixel and HTC U11).”

Sound quality praised

The sound quality is another feature being pushed by LG. It has introduced Boombox Sound, which turns the whole of the back section of the phone into a sound chamber. It also has a headphone jack, a feature many modern phones have left out. LG’s Quad DAC technology is present with the headphone jack, so users can expect a high quality of sound.

Vergara promised that “everything out of this phone sounds really great, no matter what headphones you use”, while Bader said “the sound coming out of this phone is ridiculously good”.

The LG G7 ThinQ will be available to purchase later this month.

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