LG has introduced the latest flagship phones from its G and V lines at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, stating the devices are designed to be the perfect companions for the new era of 5G-connected mobility.

The company debuted its first 5G-capable handset, the V50 ThinQ 5G at the event, alongside the new G8 ThinQ, which is the world’s first smartphone with advanced palm vein authentication.

LG claims this is more secure than a fingerprint scanner, with the firm's new Hand ID system verifying a user's identify through the shape, thickness and other individual characteristics of the veins in the palms of their hands. All users have to do is hold their hand in front of the G8 ThinQ's camera for a split second and the device will unlock.

Meanwhile, the company is promising that its V50 ThinQ 5G will deliver an "exceptional user experience" and allow owners to take advantage of the next generation of connectivity as soon as it becomes available.

"LG’s first 5G handset will exceed expectations, offering uncompromising reliability and allowing users to experience high-quality content at 5G speeds, expected to deliver up to 20 times the speed of 4G," the manufacturer stated.

The V50 ThinQ 5G also comes with an optional extra screen to really make the most of the improved speed and to support high-quality video streaming and gaming. The LG Dual Screen has been designed to resemble a cover case, but opens up to provide a second 6.2-inch OLED display.

This can offer double the content and can be used independently from the main screen. LG says this opens up a wide range of applications, such as watching a movie on one screen while looking up additional information from the internet on the other. The second screen can also be used as a dedicated controller, solving the issue of a user's thumbs obscuring what's on the screen while gaming.

Exact release dates and pricing for the devices was not revealed at the MWC event, but based on past handsets, users can expect to see them hit shelves in the late spring or early summer.

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