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Connecting your office, local network & users

Your LAN is the final yard to your users and endpoints. Getting it right means high productivity and satisfaction. It’s just a case of meeting those business demands for greater bandwidth and faster response times. That’s where we come in...

LAN and End Points2022-02-07T15:08:50+00:00

LAN infrastructure for thousands of customers

Everyone’s talking cloud but your LAN is the final yard to the user and it’s performance dictates the performance of all your applications. Every component must be rock solid for your complete network to perform. The performance of your LAN is a vital contribution to productivity (and employee satisfaction!) Your end points / PCs are your staff’s most important weapon and a constant companion every day. With ever increasing demands on bandwidth and response times your LAN needs to perform!

As more of your workers operate remotely, your endpoint locations grow exponentially. Workloads and workspaces have to be available on-demand, anywhere and anytime. While also being resilient, secure, and seamless. When you want proven configuration and protection of LAN and endpoints, just do what thousands of other companies do. Choose Arrow.

Hybrid cloud & dedicated on-site solutions

More endpoints mean more vulnerabilities. Whether through misconfigurations or user behaviour. We’ve implemented solutions that solve these challenges, securing and optimising the very edge of networks. Giving your organisation proven expertise and experience through making 500,000+ users cyber secure. Along with the technical capabilities, you also get routers, cabling, switches and hardware to build a reliable, mission-critical platform.

  • Secure your business in our own data centre, which supports some of the UK’s leading specialist health and research organisations.
  • Work with a team of UK-wide engineers and consultants specialising in hybrid and on-site interoperability.
  • Unlock access to market-leading solutions from the likes of Cisco Meraki, Lenovo, Dell, and Fujitsu.

Rock-solid, far-reaching Wi-Fi

Your staff spend 80% of their time collaborating. Much of that time is with their device, yet also away from their desk.

Meeting rooms, huddle spaces, office-corners, the kitchen. Single and multiple access points, underground indoor venues, large outdoor arenas. We enable robust, reliable and rapid Wi-Fi in all these places, connecting devices for your staff to collaborate. Of course, with great freedom comes great responsibility. That’s why solutions come with 24/7 access control, to manage what’s being uploaded and downloaded.

  • Easy setup with advanced management and monitoring tools.
  • Access Tier 1 carriers to ensure you can always access the networks you need.
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs for your business-critical workloads.

Endpoints from the largest manufacturers

Whatever devices and PCs your team need, we’ve got you covered. With access to the many market-leading partnerships we’ve built up over the years. For example, we’re a Dedicated Microsoft Surface device partner, and have been for over 5 years. We’re also certified partners for Dell, HP and Lenovo.

  • Devices built for hybrid business – portable devices, executive laptops and high-power workstations.
  • Consultative partnership approach – available to specify and even build machines to order.
  • UK-wide offices available on the phone – with remote and in-person support for your devices.

Protecting your perimeter and edge

We’re Barracuda’s EMEA partner of the year, and one of the UK’s top Watchguard partners. We can build physical firewall devices on-site, or virtual firewalls protecting your locations. Solutions include security for emerging threats, including zero-day attacks. You get AI-powered protection that reacts faster than humans, freeing up resources among your team.

  • Security for behavioural-based attacks that evade traditional file-based security.
  • Seamless updates happen in real-time, without impacting on business continuity.
  • Gain single pane visibility across files, processes and systems, showing real-time activity and remediation.

About Us

With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


What are behavioural-based attacks?2021-10-16T13:21:57+00:00

This is where an organisation’s usual business activity and behaviour is monitored. Any anomalies or sudden changes in behaviour, such as with application usage, are flagged up. This means malicious attacks can be stopped as early as possible.

What is an endpoint?2021-10-16T13:22:56+00:00

An endpoint is a device, such as a PC or phone, that is connected to a network.

Why are the number of endpoints rising?2021-10-16T13:23:42+00:00

More people are working remotely, partly due to new technologies such as cloud, and partly due to changing employee expectations around flexible working. With more devices being used remotely, more connections to networks are made.

What are Tier 1 carriers?2021-10-16T13:24:26+00:00

These carriers own enough of the UK’s infrastructure that call quality and reliability isn’t compromised by having to compress or re-route calls. They include Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, Gamma Telecom, and British Telecom.

Aren’t LANs being phased out?2021-10-16T13:25:21+00:00

Not necessarily. LAN is having to evolve, to cater for increased device mobility and cloud-based networks. LAN also offers security that supports many companies’ regulatory requirements.

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