Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT Security Services

IT security has become one of the major issues facing businesses in today’s modern digital landscape.  Protecting data from malicious hackers, viruses and thieves is a significant challenge for most organisations.

Arrow provides a range of managed security solutions that apply policy based routing and controls to protect your network.

One supplier, one contact

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex but working with Arrow means you can have access to a complete suite of IT services plus broadband, SIP and telecoms products. Consolidating all IT and telecommunications services with Arrow will reduce response times and save you the burden of juggling numerous suppliers.  Investing in preventative solutions is a priority for all organisations in order to protect confidential data, assets and business reputation.

Flexible packages, prices and services

Every business is different so all our services are priced with flexibility in mind. Whether you choose our full suite of IT products or on demand services, we offer fixed recurring revenues and service response levels to suit your requirements.

Arrow Technology Fund

In order to provide full flexibility across our range of products we offer a Technology Fund which can be used to purchase any hardware across Arrow’s portfolio including mobiles, smartphones, tablets, PBX equipment, accessories as well as any up front charges for IT and telecommunication services.

We provide the following network security services:

  • Managed cloud email and web security
  • Mail and web Monitoring
  • Managed Firewalls and Authentication
  • Mobile Data Security
  • Event log monitoring
  • Data Visualisation and Permission Management
  • IT Security Audit
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