ISDN Switch Off Checklist:
Are you ready to make your migration?

The UK’s ISDN network is being switched off in 2025, with 169 exchanges to ‘STOP SELL’ from Jun 2021.

Use this checklist to find out which systems will need upgrading and to start your migration process.

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Get ready for the ISDN Switch-Off and Stop-Sell

For some businesses, 2025 still feels like a long time away. But this deadline is approaching fast, and Openreach estimates some 16 million lines will need to be moved, so there’s clearly a lot of work to be done.

Whilst the 2025 switch-off date is still a few years away, Openreach advanced the closure of services across 169 exchanges. 

To make the ISDN migration process as easy as possible, follow the steps in the checklist to identify which services you’ll need to switch, what your options are, and how to go about this.

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