Experts have predicted that the next version of iOS will be released in the UK in September, after being unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), taking place in June.

This year’s update is extremely highly anticipated, with the software set to form the basis for the upcoming iPhone 8, which is expected to be a complete overhaul of the device.

It is thought that iOS 11 will provide users with a more advanced personal assistant. Analysts are currently predicting that Siri will offer stiff competition to other assistants being introduced, including Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. At present, Apple is expected to focus on the artificial intelligence capabilities of Siri.

Analysts have also predicted that 3D Touch will see a further upgrade in 2017. It is thought that iOS 11 will see the system being integrated throughout the entire iPhone 8, making it possible for Apple to replace physical buttons.

Apple will also likely improve the pre-installed Maps app in the next iOS update. In an attempt to compete with Google Maps, Apple will make use of drones and indoor navigation, according to Bloomberg Technology. It has been reported that the upgraded Maps will include inside looks at buildings and better car navigation.

One of the biggest complaints of Apple users is that they can’t customise their devices to their liking, as is possible with Android phones. However, it is thought that Apple will finally address this with iOS 11.

Apple’s Control Centre is a specific target of complaints, with many Apple users wishing that Apple would allow more customisation within this feature. It is rumoured that Apple will introduce this with its newest iOS.

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