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Internet of Things

Given that the Internet of Things (IoT) requires on connectivity, you need a provider that specialises in… connectivity. Ideally, a provider with many years’ experience. Offering the expertise to apply the latest technologies and apply it to your real-world objectives

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The advent of 5G means you also
need a provider that specialises in… 5G.

After all, your business needs a reliable, responsive high-speed network for your data collection and analysis. For the knowledge you need to succeed with IoT, 5G, networks, plus a whole lot more, choose Arrow.

For the past 25+ years, Arrow has been at the forefront of providing the latest mobile technology and mobile connectivity. Working with networks and partners, we give you the hard-won insights and proven professionals to help your IoT projects succeed.

 5G, the IoT enabler

 For businesses facing the volume, variety and velocity of IoT data, 5G offers more than just a better way to transfer and consume data. Below are some of the ways we can help you benefit from 5G.

  • Speed 
    Initial 5G services are set to be around 20X faster than 4G. However, they could offer multi-gigabit speeds in the coming years. No more waiting for downloads, with your most important remote services, largest files, and highest-definition streaming available almost instantly. 
  • Latency 
    Reducing latency in your operations is another major benefit of 5G. Indeed, it’ll be critical for important IoT services such as remote surgery or automated vehicles. With 4G, expected latency can be as high as 70ms, but with 5G, this is reduced to just 1ms. Perhaps not noticeable to a commuter watching Netflix, but a potential competitive advantage for your business. 
  • Capacity 
    Ever tried to access 4G at an airport, concert or sports event? One of the biggest problems with current 4G services is the slowdown when multiple users want to connect at once. 5G offers you greater bandwidth for hundreds, maybe thousands, of simultaneous connections with no impact on speed. Another competitive advantage for you, as more of your devices start depending on mobile connectivity. 
  • Flexibility 
    You can also take advantage of 5G’s flexibility with techniques such as network slicing. You can (or with our help) deploy a private virtual network within your infrastructure.  A dedicated network for specialised, mission-critical functions for greater control and customisation to meet your specific needs. 

The immediate future of business is just around the corner

5G is transforming business right now.

  • Data-driven driving 
    There are 40 million+ vehicles on Britain’s roads – and connected vehicles will add £51 million to the UK economy by 2030. By then, 5G will have long been transforming the way you drive, deliver and commute. For example, supporting self-driving buses, fleet monitoring, crunching fuel efficiency and seatbelt usage to telematics devices. Also analysing diagnostic data from faulty vehicles, updating breakdown companies  which repair parts they need for callouts. 
  • Connected cities 
    The UK is already home to more than 20 smart cities. 5G is expected to increase this number, as urban planning makes the most of smart solutions for water, waste, energy and transport. Smart rubbish bins that detect when nearly full, auto-dimming street lighting and automatic smart window shades with proximity sensors, detecting movement and responding. 
  • Digital healthcare 
    The NHS Long Term Plan intends to upgrade its technology and establish digitally enabled care within the next 10 years. 5G will play a big part in this, integrating into the many UK hospital trusts, GP surgeries and private clinics. Examples include connected ambulances streaming data back to the hospitals, smart monitoring systems for patient triage, and semi-autonomous robotic limbs helping paraplegics to walk. 

The Internet of Things & possibilities

The future of IoT offers your business boundless possibilities. It’s not tech for tomorrow’s world, it’s here today. What’s more, 5G’s growth means billions of connected devices, creating vast volumes of actionable data.  After all,  

The best way to predict the IoT future is to create it. Together. Whatever your use case – automating business processes, harnessing insight – we can provide your business with what you need. Systems, devices, 5G connectivity – below are some examples of what we’ve achieved and what we can do for you: 

IoT achievements 

3000+ Electronic POS
Providing the infrastructure, devices and technology to deliver 3,000+ connected vending machines. Included video screens to display revolving advertising content, which the client can update remotely. Contact us and we can advise on ways to offer connected, contactless and seamless experiences.

IoT data on the move
Providing IoT technology, tariffs and data connectivity for fleet telematics. Giving clients real-time data for performance, maintenance, and operations. Enabling clients to gather insight to make strategic predictions, identify areas for savings or improvements, and boost asset visibility.

IoT possibilities 

Bespoke IoT tariffs
Our range of networks mean you’ll find a tariff for every use case. Naturally, data volume, variety and velocity is such an important part of IoT strategies. That’s why you’ll also get recommendations for optimising, controlling and detecting usage. All backed up by comprehensive coverage, proven reliability, and bespoke flexibility.  

High security, low latency
As a dual network provider (O2, Vodafone) we can create 5G private networks for your business. Bypassing the public internet for added security, and harnessing 5G to solve latency. Plus of course, unlocking the speed, capacity and bandwidth you need to make your IoT projects succeed.

About Us

With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


Regarding IoT security, how do you secure devices?2021-10-17T12:41:52+00:00

Our proven cyber security solutions secure businesses all the way up to bank-grade compliance standards. With our long-standing expertise around interoperability, we can devise the right IoT and security strategy for your industry, vertical, and company size.

What sort of connection do I need for my IoT strategy?2021-10-17T12:42:24+00:00

5G services are available with the four major UK networks. However, your business will need something more bespoke, designed to suit your business scenario. We can advise you at every step.

I’ve heard of IoT, what’s IIoT?2021-10-17T12:42:59+00:00

The Industrial Internet of Things brings the power of IoT to industrial use cases. For example, the energy industry, which also happens to be one of our specialist areas.

Will there be enough IP addresses for the billions of connected devices?2021-10-17T12:43:33+00:00

Yes. IPv6 is a newer version of the Internet Protocol (IP) that uses 128 bits (compared to the long-established IPv4’s 32 bits). It’s already commonly used in next-generation applications, cloud computing, and is expected to be used with IoT.

What’s the best way to get started with IoT?2021-10-17T12:44:16+00:00

Wearables, smart homes – it’s clear the IoT revolution is on its way on the consumer world. For businesses, particularly mid-market and enterprise, we’d recommend contacting us to discuss your IoT goals. We have the answers (and capabilities) to show you regarding networks, connectivity, security, and reliability. In fact, everything you need to get started with IoT in your business.

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