The trust organisations have in the cloud is rising every year, according to new research by Intel.

The ‘Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky’ report found that most organisations view cloud services as equally or more secure than private clouds. They also see them as more likely to deliver lower costs of ownership and overall data visibility.

Intel said that those who trust public clouds now outnumber those who distrust public clouds “by more than two to one”. The company added that improved trust and perception, as well as more understanding of the risks by senior management, is encouraging more organisations to store sensitive data in the public cloud.

Personal customer information is the most likely type of data to be stored in public clouds, kept there by 62 per cent of those surveyed.

The report outlines the current state of cloud adoption, explaining the primary concerns with private and public cloud services, security implications and the evolving impact of Shadow IT of the more than 2,000 IT professionals surveyed.

Raj Samani, EMEA chief technology officer at Intel Security, said: “The desire to move quickly toward cloud computing appears to be on the agenda for most organisations. This year, the average time before respondents thought their IT budgets would be 80 per cent cloud-based was 15 months, indicating that cloud first for many companies is progressing and remains the objective.”

However, the report also pointed out that an ongoing shortage of security skills is continuing to affect cloud deployments. Almost half of the organisations surveyed report that a lack of cybersecurity skills has slowed the adoption or usage of cloud services, which has “possibly contributing to the increase in shadow IT activities”.

Intel said that due to the ease of procurement, almost 40 per cent of cloud services are now commissioned without the involvement of IT departments, adding that visibility of these shadow IT services has dropped from about 50 per cent last year to just under 47 per cent this year.

As a result, according to Intel, 65 per cent of IT professionals think this is “interfering with their ability to keep the cloud safe and secure”.

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