​Inbound sits at the heart of any business using 03 and 08 numbers. The UK sees over 5 billion minutes on Inbound products every month! Inbound provides flexibility, business continuity and the ability to plug feature gaps in existing telephone systems.

What are Inbound Numbers?

Manage phone calls easily and effectively

A cloud based service for geographic and non-geographic numbers

Easy to use, feature rich online management portal

Maximise employees’ productivity

Reliable and proven service

Inbound provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower your business and improve customer service. Inbound is packed with features to help manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. From simple call routing through to comprehensive call centre services, Inbound is everything a business needs. Inbound is a highly reliable product that can be combined with SIP services for complete voice and disaster recovery solution.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be used with any 01/02/03/08 number, anywhere, from any device
  • Instant call management puts you in control
  • Manages calls and reduces costs through network-based queuing
  • Business continuity built-in; keeps working in a crisis
  • You can create a local and national presence, regardless of your location
  • Provides ROI measurement for better marketing activity
  • Ideal for flexible working – taking calls on the move
  • Immediate set up – instantly create and amend call plans and announcements
  • Easy-to-use, jargon free interface
  • No capital outlay – can be funded out of monthly operational spend for quick decision making and implementation
  • HTML5 GUI compatible with PC, laptop, tablets and mobile.


Keeping People Informed

Inbound numbers can be used as an announcement service to keep staff and users informed of possible closures and system issues. Using the online portal to upload audio files allows you to provide information to customers easily, quickly and without tying up staff on the phones.

Helping to keep the business going

Inbound can divert calls in the event of a system error or allow all numbers to be diverted to pre-defined locations with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Providing High-end features for Low-end systems

Inbound can complement your existing telephone system by providing features that aren’t available to you currently. For example, Call Queues allows callers to wait in the cloud with music and messages. Area Based Routing will allow callers to go to geographically relevant locations and Distribution Control ensures calls are answered evenly across multiple destinations.

Benefits of Inbound Numbers

Any number, anywhere, any device

Available with both geographic and non-geographic numbers, the service is accessed via a user-friendly, secure website that can be used from any device.

Immediate setup

Everything feeds directly into the network giving the ability to instantly create and edit call plans. Announcements and more.


Packed with features that will help you to effectively manage everyday calls, enable staff to work more flexibly or as a robust business continuity solution.


An intuitive website that’s designed to be jargon-free and enables you to get the most out of the service.

What is Inbound for?

Customer Service

Excel in customer service by managing your callers’ experience during busy hours or when the office is closed.

Business Continuity

Re-direct calls to another site or set of devices with a few mouse clicks in the event of a disaster.

Contact Centre Services

Provide contact centre services. For instance, call centres looking to professionally handle calls for multiple clients.

Call Recording

Record calls as required, either as a percentage, on demand or with the ability to pause and resume.

Advanced reporting

Report on call statistics, see details such as where callers are located and view in-depth information for every call.

Additional Extras

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Call Whisper
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Agent Ready