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Hybrid solutions for hybrid working

Ready to turn the challenges of hybrid working into opportunities? We thought so. Discover a platform for you to be distributed, connected, and productive. While giving your users a unified, seamless collaboration experience.

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Hybrid working:
Bringing you more connectivity & less complexity

Your tech stack may comprise multi-vendor solutions, legacy systems, and all manner of interoperability complexities. That’s fine – we’ve pretty much seen it all. And if you work with us, you’ll see why we’re a Platinum or Gold partner for all major solution suppliers. Thousands of the UK’s leading companies choose us for our hybrid working expertise. Delivering support in design, integration, and seamless connectivity.

A seamless Teams platform for your whole company

Microsoft has built Teams to be the organising layer for your hybrid working platform. Naturally, this means you need seamless operations with every area of your local and wide area networks.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, our team of technical architects can audit your systems and help design a detailed, mission-critical Teams platform your staff can rely on. Providing you with a unified experience for every end user, wherever they choose to work from.

  • Multiple AV and Teams integrations available, including Poly, Crestron, Yealink, Logitech, Microsoft Surface Hub 2, and many more.
  • Microsoft Gold Partner, with 25+ years’ experience on consultancy-led projects.
  • UK-based trained engineers available for any support queries.
Microsoft Teams

Get your complete hybrid voice and contact centre platform

There are many ways to add voice and calls to your Teams Platform. These include our own voice platform. This resides in twin, geographically resilient data centres and means you can have a custom solution to fit your communication needs.

You can also choose from a range of compatible platforms to add Contact Centre functionality to your Teams instance. Choose from complete contact centres, GDPR and MiFID compliant Call Recording, PCI compliant payment systems, attendant consoles, wall boards and reporting.

  • Options for your platform include Direct Routing to hosting a virtual SBC for ultimate security and control.
  • Our Gold Partner status with Microsoft means you get direct access to market-leading solutions.
  • Full flexibility from a partner who works with some of the UK’s most complex businesses.
Voice for Teams

Enabling secure collaboration for fearless flexibility

Providing you with hybrid working solutions isn’t just about giving you the right technology. It’s also about giving you the right experiences. That’s why our suite of tools come purpose-built to balance your security with flexibility. You’ll find end-to-end solutions spanning Unified Threat Management to Mobile Device Management. Plus partnerships with the likes of Barracuda (where we were named EMEA Partner of the Year).

  • All hybrid working platforms encourage collaboration internally and externally. And with every user and every guest, comes security weaknesses.
  • Arrow supports 500,000+ users with cyber security products, often in highly challenging hybrid environments.
  • We can design a bespoke solution, ranging from your hybrid working instance, to your entire company.
Cyber Security

Productive, seamless meeting rooms

Hybrid Working demands a seamless, consistent experience no matter where your team are working or on what equipment. No location is more important than meeting rooms, which house some of your most populated and therefore most expensive meetings, and the experience generated for everyone at every end of the call is a priority.

Your meeting room can be transformed by:

  • Interoperability with all major Hybrid Working Platforms.
  • Quality microphones and acoustic management.
  • One click login for calls and wireless sharing.
  • A single control panel for lights, screens and cameras.
  • A room booking system using Outlook integration and a room door tablet.
Meeting Rooms

Make home working a super strength

A hybrid working strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. The most visible (and audible) sign of this is AV. Low-quality microphones and cameras will always pose challenges, particularly in noisy offices or with poor mobile connectivity.

That’s why we have an AV team specialising in solving these often-overlooked problem areas, making sure you have the resources to work and be productive anywhere.

AV Technology

About Us

With over 25+ years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25+ years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


What is hybrid working?2021-09-29T15:40:23+00:00

Hybrid working employees spend some time in their central office, and some time elsewhere, either at home or in another location. Of course, successful hybrid working relies on solutions that bridge the gap between office and home.

Why has hybrid working become in-demand now?2021-11-01T10:56:25+00:00

While a big driver has been the pandemic, the move to more flexible working, including hybrid, has been around for a while. The advent of cloud and BYOD culture are two drivers which have already helped show organisations the potential of remote working.

What are some of the benefits of hybrid working?2021-09-29T15:41:27+00:00

Much like how we work with our clients, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. This entirely depends on your hybrid working goals, your current environment, and your end users. Naturally, we offer solutions and consultancy to help you succeed in all these areas.

What is hybrid mode in MS Teams?2021-09-29T15:41:54+00:00

This is where your on-premises users can connect to Teams, where they can take advantage of the multiple cloud services offered.

Which Microsoft 365 plans make it possible to configure Teams for a hybrid environment?2021-09-29T15:42:26+00:00

Hybrid deployments are currently supported in Microsoft 365 plans that support Azure Active Directory synchronisation. Microsoft 365 Apps for business and home don’t support hybrid deployments, while these do: Business Standard, Basic, Academic and Government, and midsize plans

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