Strong customer experience solutions are one of the best ways for businesses to stand out from their competitors in a crowded market. Yet for many smaller firms, this can prove challenging.

While larger companies can afford to develop a full omnichannel contact centre with agents always available, this may not be possible for smaller companies with limited resources. But if they are to meet the high expectations of today’s customers, these businesses will need tools that enable them to respond quickly and effectively, on whichever channel their users prefer.

The evolving nature of the contact centre

Having a wide range of digital options is now an essential part of any firm’s customer experience strategy. Customers today are more sophisticated than ever and expect to be able to get in touch with a business at any time, on any channel, so simply having a contact page with a phone number, and email address or web form to fill in is no longer good enough.

Live web chats, social media communications and SMS messaging all have a role to play in the omnichannel contact centre. According to research from Ovum, more than half of customers (52 per cent) will use three to four different channels when getting in touch with a business.

Firms must therefore be adaptable and able to meet their customers across multiple touchpoints, which can be challenging for smaller firms in particular. But get this right and the benefits can be significant – while conversely, the penalties for a poor service are also high.

For instance, customers who enjoy a positive experience aren’t just more likely to return again, but when they do so, they’ll spend up to 67% more than new customers. On the other hand, those that have a negative experience on a brand’s website are 88 per cent less likely to return.

Why you need webchats and social channels

The ability to get in touch instantly with a company representative without hunting around for the right information is a vital part of this, and this is why live web chat has become so popular.

This offers an easy way to interact with an agent and gets answers to basic queries. In many cases, this can be combined with chatbot functionality, with a human agent always ready to step in when needed, but for small firms, going straight to human intervention may be a more reliable option.

According to one survey by Moxie, three-quarters of people favour live chat over a phone call, with this often being faster and more convenient.

However, live web chat alone is only one part of an effective online customer contact experience. Firms that are able to add the option for audio or video chats through their website – without requiring users to move to a different platform – will also be hugely valuable.

More than a webchat: How WebRTC Kite transforms the customer experience

To help businesses meet these needs, our new Swift by Arrow solution includes WebRTC Kite, which allows you to create a contact centre experience within your website. As well as being able to get in touch via live chat, audio or video, it allows the use of tools such as desktop sharing and the ability to easily transfer files with just a single click.

web chat webrtc kite swift contact centre

This means that if a customer needs help with a specific problem or wants to share more information than can be conveyed in a chat box, such as a photo demonstrating an issue, they can do so easily. What’s more, website visitors will be able to immediately see which agents are available to handle their query and can benefit from a personalised experience.

Businesses also benefit from a range of customisation tools to ensure they’re delivering a fully unique experience. You can select what, if any, personal information to display about agents, add authorisation steps before opening a chat, and select how to embed the service into your website. For example, you can choose to add the tool to your ‘contact us’ page, in an HTML email signature, or as an embedded widget that remains open while allowing the user to browse the rest of the site.

If this sounds complex to set up, it’s not. Like the rest of Swift by Arrow, WebRTC Kite has been designed specifically with small businesses in mind, which may not have extensive IT experience or expertise with modern communications solutions.

On top of offering WebRTC Kite, Swift also includes more than 100 Features, from Video Conferencing to Contact Centre Wallboards.

The fact there is no need for the customer to install anything on their end, means you can be quickly up and running with a fully-functional contact centre front-end and never miss a customer query or request again.

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