Good collaboration is an essential part of running any business, and in today’s digital workplace, it’s about much more than gathering in a conference room for a face-to-face meeting.

Even the smallest firms will now find themselves managing employees across multiple locations. Meanwhile, as enterprises grow and establish new locations, keeping in touch across different offices, with employees in the field and with home workers is essential, especially as the working environment changes.

But how should firms go about putting this into practice? For small businesses, in particular, this can be a challenge. Comprehensive enterprise-grade collaboration services may be outside their budget, while consumer-grade or free options will have too many limitations to be practical, or will require businesses to juggle multiple tools in order to maintain constant contact.

However, there is a solution: Swift is tailored specifically to the needs of these firms and it gives a complete, all-in-one solution that includes all the collaboration tools a business needs, from video and audio conferencing to file sharing.

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The need for effective collaboration tools

Demand for digital tools to help with remote working has never been higher, but while the home working revolution brought by the coronavirus pandemic has clearly played a part in this, employee expectations have been moving towards a more agile way of working for some time.

Even before Covid-19, it was forecast that up to half of people in the UK would work from home at least some of the time by the end of this year. And studies have shown people have become even more reluctant to return to the Monday-to-Friday, nine-to-five way of working having experienced the benefits home working can offer, ranging from reduced time and money spent on commuting to a better overall work-life balance.

For instance, one survey highlighted by Yahoo! Finance found 57 per cent of workers do not want to go back to a traditional office environment, while figures from O2 suggest almost three-quarters of companies (74 per cent) are planning a permanent shift towards remote working.

This will of course increase the need for effective collaboration tools that can connect workers around the country, and this is precisely what Swift by Arrow offers.

Work from Anywhere, Any time on Any device

One of the biggest challenges for any collaboration solution when it comes to supporting remote and flexible working is ensuring the experience offered to users is user-friendly and consistent, regardless of the device they are using or their location. To be effective, a user on a desktop PC and one holding a smartphone must be able to communicate easily and without any loss of functionality.

This is exactly what’s offered by Swift. Users at a desktop or laptop PC benefit from a fully browser-based experience, which means there’s nothing to install and you can enjoy the same experience regardless of whether you’re using a Windows, MacOS or Linux device.

Meanwhile, those on the move can access the service via the dedicated iOS or Android app, depending on the device they have available.

This means an employee is no longer limited to a desk. Instead, their workplace can be wherever they choose, whether this is an office meeting or breakout room, a commuter train or their spare bedroom at home.

Beyond Video Conferencing

One of the most important elements of any effective collaboration system is a quality Video Conferencing service. Non-verbal communications, ranging from our facial expressions to our hand gestures, form a significant part of how we get our message across, so for many activities, audio-only tools won’t be good enough.

Swift contains all the high-quality features you could ask for from an enterprise-grade video conferencing system. As well as high-definition visuals and no limitations on usage, you benefit from call management tools such as video recording, chat functionality, access controls and more. The service also syncs with Google and Outlook calendars and email reminders, to ensure no-one ever forgets about an important meeting again.

However, Video Conferencing tools are just one part of the suite of collaboration solutions on offer. Screen sharing tools, for example, make giving presentations easy, with users able to share their entire screen or individual documents. On top of this, presenters are able to share files or links with other participants in order for them to work together on a specific application or document.

Swift by Arrow therefore ensures that no matter where employees are or what device they’re using, they can easily communicate and collaborate without any barriers caused by incompatible applications. Which means your business will be well-equipped to cope with a more agile, digitally-focused environment for many years to come.

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