Google reportedly working on replacement for Android

Google reportedly working on replacement for Android [Image: ViewApart via iStock]
Google has reportedly been working on a replacement operating system for Android, but has denied that it will be released in the next three years.

Google is reportedly working on a replacement mobile operating system for Android.

Expected to go by the name of Fuchsia, Google has so far denied claims it will be launched in the next three years and used as a replacement to Android in the next five. However, many experts think it won’t be long before this is the case.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Google has been working on the system for the last two years.

The report also suggested that Google could manufacture all of its devices – from Chromebooks to smartphones to smartwatches – with the system. It is thought that Google is attempting to offer the kind of product and software ecosystem that Apple has created.

This would lead to easier and more efficient synchronisation between devices, as well as improved navigation between them. Android Central has pointed out that all of Google’s products run on different operating systems, so a single unified system would “theoretically result in a similar user experience across all of them”.

It would also allow for a more streamlined app design, which could improve the overall appeal of Google’s system.

The company has remained quiet about the topic, with Business Insider reporting that a spokesperson said: “Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google. We’re not providing additional details about the project at this time.”

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