Google launches IoT management service

Google launches IoT management service [Image: chombosan via iStock]
Google has launched a new Internet of Things management service, which will allow users to manage their data from globally dispersed devices.

Google has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) management service, which the company says is intended to “connect, manage and ingest data from globally dispersed devices”.

Part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the Cloud IoT Core will allow users to to securely connect their globally distributed devices to GCP and centrally manage them, as well as build rich applications by integrating with the company’s data analytics services.

Google said that all data ingestion, scalability, availability and performance needs will be automatically managed in “GCP style”.

According to the company, when it is used as part of a broader Google Cloud IoT solution, the new Cloud IoT Core provides access to new operational insights that can help users plan how their businesses will react to, as well as optimise for, change in real time.

Writing in a blog post, Indranil Chakraborty, product manager at Google Cloud, explained that many enterprises relying on industrial devices, such as sensors, conveyor belts, farming equipment, medical equipment and pumps actually struggle to monitor and manage them.

This is down to a number of reasons, including operational cost and complexity, patchwork security and data fragmentation. Mr Chakraborty said that Cloud IoT Core is designed to “help resolve these problems by removing risk, complexity and data silos from the device monitoring and management process”.

He added that it offers users the ability to more securely connect and manage all their devices as a single global system. He explained: “Through a single pane of glass you can ingest data generated by all those devices into a responsive data pipeline –  and, when combined with other Cloud IoT services, analyse and react to that data in real time.”

Google said the service is currently in beta and will be made more widely available shortly.

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