Google has unveiled plans to offer customers a range of predesigned artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that will be aimed at meeting the specific needs of key business types, delivered via its Google Cloud Platform.

At the firm’s recent Next conference, Google detailed some of the first prepackaged solutions, which will be offered via the firm’s partners and come with reference architectures and best practice guidance to help companies get started with incorporating AI into their operations.

ZDNet reports that among the first batch of offerings will be a service aimed at contact centres. This will use conversational AI to better route consumers to the most appropriate agents, instead of using a traditional phone tree. As well as using conversation to identify and find key data to allow agents to work quicker and more effectively, the package will also note trends and analyse how often problems arise. 

More than 800 customers have already signed up for alpha access to this in the first month.

Other initial offerings include a Cloud Talent Solution, which involves using AI to help companies find the best talent and reduce the length of the recruitment process. This service is generally available and was previously known as Cloud Job Discovery.

Meanwhile, the Recommendation Solution offering is a reference architecture that is designed to allow a developer to leverage Google Cloud’s machine learning to enhance marketplaces.

ZDNet noted that this move to offer a standardised set of prepackaged AI solutions could be highly useful to a wide range of industries. While there are a few use cases for AI that are specific to certain sectors, such as retail and manufacturing, there are also a broader set of functions that will be useful to every company.

By packaging these together in easy-to-use offerings that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses, this could significantly lower the barrier to entry to AI for many firms, allowing them access to powerful tools they may otherwise not have the skills or resources to develop on their own.

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