Fast and reliable connectivity is now the foundation for the success of all businesses. With data consumption growing and use of real-time, high-bandwidth services on the rise, all firms need a connection that can cope with these increasing demands.

For many, the long-term solution will be full-fibre, which delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps for both uploads and downloads. Full fibre is becoming the backbone of the UK’s future networks. It will give businesses all the speed, stability, and bandwidth they need to meet the demands and expectations of their customers and employees, and to be genuinely competitive on local, national, and international stages.

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Why go gigabit

There are many benefits to adopting full fibre connectivity. For starters, greatly-increased speed will enable you to take full advantage of the most advanced technologies available today, such as cloud computing, voice and video communications, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Essentially, it’s the foundation for real digital transformation.

Another benefit is the symmetrical nature of full fibre. Unlike broadband, the downstream rate of transmission is just as fast as the upstream speed. This makes collaboration and sharing of data and files much faster. It also makes it easier to store and backup data remotely, allowing users to access it from anywhere, and providing businesses with the resilience they need to protect themselves from digital security threats such as ransomware, and unprecedented events, such as severe weather conditions, or (dare we mention it), global pandemics.

Full fibre can also be more financially-viable and help to future-proof the business. It may enable companies to get rid of legacy and / or multiple landline-based data and voice connections, for example. The additional bandwidth will allow multiple services to run across a single connection. A full fibre, gigabit connection will also give the business the capacity it needs for many years to come.

Ambitions plans

The government has ambitious plans to deliver gigabit-capable connectivity throughout the UK by 2025. But there’s still a long way to go. According to Ofcom, by May this year, full fibre coverage in the UK was just 12 percent.

Wisely in our view, the government is not leaving it to the incumbent suppliers to roll out fibre connectivity to the UK’s businesses. It has been encouraging competition and one of the most prominent and strongest players in this rapidly developing area of the communications market is CityFibre.

Often referred to as one of the so-called ‘alternative network’ (or ‘altnet’) providers, CityFibre has one of the biggest and fastest-growing fibre networks in the country. The company has established itself as the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform and in the cities and towns in which it already has a presence, it is becoming a mainstream choice.

CityFibre – Full Fibre To The Premises

CityFibre – as the name suggests – provides 100% full fibre networks, and that’s all it does. As such, it is entirely focused on delivering gigabit services to UK businesses. CityFibre’s network already delivers some of the highest speeds and levels of reliability available – and its continuing investment programme means it has the potential to deliver gigabit connectivity to many more businesses.

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At the heart of CityFibre’s vision is the ‘Gigabit City’ – an urban commercial hub that is fully-connected with fibre, allowing all businesses access to gigabit connectivity speeds. Currently, CityFibre offers business services live in 29 towns and cities up and down the UK. But they have ambitious plans for further investment that will see a rapid expansion of its network.

In total, CityFibre has 87 network projects in the pipeline, with 67 of these well underway. This is all part of a £4 billion investment that aims to reach 100 towns and cities by 2025, serving up to eight million premises, including homes, businesses, council buildings, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and other critical national sites.

If you want to see which locations are currently available for CityFibre business connectivity, and those that are coming soon, contact us now.

Your first step to full fibre

Full fibre connectivity will help to super-charge and future-proof your business. To take advantage of all it has to offer, your first step will be to get in touch with us at Arrow. We can guide you through the entire process. We’ll assess your current and future business needs and explain how full fibre can benefit your business.

We can provide a full consultation, but the starting point will be to identify if you are currently within reach of CityFibre’s gigabit full fibre network. Or, if that’s not the case right now when you will it be available. We’ll then take you through exactly what you’ll need to do to take advantage of gigabit speeds and work with you to plan and implement your full fibre connection.

Learn more about CityFibre

Contact us today to find out more and start out on your full fibre journey.

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