McQueens Dairies are a family firm which began doorstep milk deliveries in 1995. The company swiftly expanded and now has 10 depots in Scotland and northern England. The 400 plus employees are all local people but each depot is overseen by at least one family member ensuring customers continue to enjoy a personalised relationship with McQueens.

Arrow provides a range of data connectivity services to McQueens including SIPS, Leased Lines, Analogue and Broadband across the entire estate.

The Challenges of Poor Connectivity

Fast internet connectivity is now essential for any business. Whether you’re a multinational enterprise with offices all over the world or a family-run firm with just one location.

As a third-generation, family-run firm, McQueens prides itself on offering the personal touch – and this isn’t just on the doorstep. All its employees are local people who can maintain that connection with customers, but with operations around the UK, and each depot was overseen by at least one family member, it’s important for the company to ensure people can get in touch easily at any time.


“I was approached by numerous companies to install a leased line but Arrow was the only one that took the time to clearly explain all the jargon and options to me. They really listened to our requirements and since the installation, their support continues to be prompt and excellent – always there when I need them”.

McQueens Dairies’ Financial Controller

Like any business, internet connectivity is an essential part of how McQueens operates. But previously, this wasn’t the case due to poor technology at its Altrincham call centre. This meant incoming calls from customers who had queries were dropping out and business was being lost.

However, it wasn’t just customer service that was being hampered by this. Employees at the location also need to make outbound calls to businesses and consumers to sign up new customers. But poor connectivity meant many potential sales were being lost.

This also had a knock-on effect on employee morale. As agents earn a commission from each sale, the poor calling experience was affecting this, subsequently leading to lower job satisfaction. Therefore, improving this situation was a must, not only to keep customers happy but to retain the support and enthusiasm of McQueens’ employees.

How the Right Technology Transforms a Business

To tackle this, McQueens worked with Arrow to identify potential solutions, and this led to the installation of leased lines and gigabit-capable fibre broadband delivered via the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS).

This grants eligible businesses up to £2,500 to help with the installation of ultrafast fibre technology. Arrow helped advise McQueens about the application process and what it could expect from the new connectivity and secured a voucher to bring ultrafast speeds to the firm. We then handled the entire process from application to completion.

The results of this have been clear to see. McQueens Dairies now enjoys much improved call quality and reliability, which has led directly to improved sales revenue and better customer experience, as consumers now know they will be able to get fast, clear answers to any queries they have.

An added benefit is stronger staff morale, which in turn means higher employee retention and lower recruitment costs. Plus, thanks to help from the GBVS, installation costs for the deployment were also greatly reduced.

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“Communications and the relationship with our customers are what differentiates us from other milk suppliers, including the supermarkets. The gigabit voucher has helped us to improve our technology, stay competitive and maintain the personal touch with our customers which is so important to us.”

McQueens Dairies’ Financial Controller

Could gigabit broadband transform your business?

Download our white paper to find out more about the GBVS scheme and what it could offer your firm. 

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