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What if I have multi-site networks that need solutions?2021-11-10T15:29:34+00:00

We have a proven track record of delivering multi-site solutions for some of the UK’s biggest organisations. Over the past 25+ years our network expertise and experience has ensured interoperability and compliance in some of the most complex environments and industries.

Do you implement Teams for collaboration and business communications?2021-10-27T23:17:06+00:00

We offer specialist services for collaboration and communications, deploying platforms such as Microsoft Teams. This can include voice solution implementation, keeping you compliant with the likes of GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Do you offer enterprise cloud telephony solutions?2021-10-27T23:16:32+00:00

Yes, absolutely. We have Platinum and Gold accreditations with cloud telephony suppliers including Mitel, Gamma and Wildix. Quality of service is enabled via our purpose-built data centres, built and managed in geo-resilient locations to ensure enterprise-grade reliability.

What enterprise email security solutions do you offer?2021-10-27T23:15:31+00:00

We partner with email security providers that provide enterprise-grade solutions in the highest-regulated industries. These include AI and ML technologies for real-time protection against phishing and account takeover. 

Which platforms can run my cloud collaboration solutions?2021-10-27T23:14:43+00:00

We partner with all the main cloud vendors, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. You can get end-to-end support for migration, colocation, and hosted solutions including virtualisation and public/private/hybrid cloud.

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?2021-10-18T19:36:35+00:00

Our advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real time and identifies which employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis, which allows the technology to understand the typical communication patterns of a company’s email environment and flag any anomalies as suspicious. 

Why do you need email incident response?2021-10-18T19:34:43+00:00

When an attack hits your inbox, it can spread throughout the rest of your company network surprisingly fast, causing mounting damage and increasing cost. Incident response solutions work to eliminate these malicious emails as quickly as possible before carrying out remediation actions to halt the overall attack’s progress and minimise damages. 

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?2021-10-18T19:34:03+00:00

Our advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real time and identifies which employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis, which allows the technology to understand the typical communication patterns of a company’s email environment and flag any anomalies as suspicious. 

What are the benefits of real-time email security?2021-10-18T19:33:11+00:00

Account takeover and lateral phishing attacks are on the rise – which involve compromised accounts being leveraged to launch internal phishing attacks. That’s why it’s more vital than ever to put a stop to any reported email incidents before they spread through the entire network. 

Do the solutions offer real-time email threat management?2021-10-18T19:32:32+00:00

Certainly. That’s because the timing and effectiveness of your response is critical when your organisation is under attack. After all, in most phishing campaigns it takes just 16 minutes for someone to click on a malicious link.

What covers an incident response strategy?2021-10-18T19:31:51+00:00

While every strategy is customised to your business needs, there are common elements. This includes preparation for when, rather than if, an incident happens. Also what sort of response based on the attack type, to neutralise and mitigate impact. The third element covers recovery, including how to prevent a repeat.

Isn’t my Microsoft 365 enough of an email security solution?2021-10-18T19:17:53+00:00

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of email protection solutions. However, for larger, more complex businesses facing advanced threats, you’ll need a similarly advanced, complex and end-to-end cyber defence strategies and solutions.

What is Account Takeover?2021-10-18T19:17:17+00:00

Account takeover is a fast-growing threat which is most commonly experienced as a result of a phishing scam or credential stuffing. The compromise of a single company account can cause enough harm, but this threat is also known to quickly spread throughout entire networks, resulting in immeasurable damage.

Why do I need DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance)?2021-10-18T19:16:38+00:00

This is a form of email authentication, designed to stop hackers spoofing your domain. It checks if an email that appears to come from your domain is actually from your domain. Any illegitimate emails are blocked, while authentic emails are allowed through.

What is domain spoofing?2021-10-18T19:16:00+00:00

Domain spoofing involves cyber criminals impersonating a business or its employees to add a sense of legitimacy to their attack campaigns.

What is Lateral Phishing?2021-10-18T19:15:21+00:00

This is when attacker uses a compromised but legitimate company account to launch an internal phishing attack. The trusted source account makes it much easier to manipulate more employees and compromise more accounts.

Will our apps work in the cloud?2021-10-17T12:54:49+00:00

Any application will be assessed to see how it will work in your cloud environment. Alongside suitability, scalability and usability, connectivity is also a key part of this assessment. Here’s where you benefit from our networking expertise. Built up over 25+ years of connecting businesses. 

Should I not just recruit the skills that I am missing?2021-10-17T12:54:12+00:00

You may find it hard to find the skills that come from working with some of the UK’s biggest organisations. Many with complex environments, operating in highly regulated industries. Work with us and you get these skills, plus more time to focus on your business, and access to proven technology that boosts productivity and performance. 

Why does it matter that I define my hybrid strategy?2021-10-17T12:53:32+00:00

Hybrid cloud is a popular option for organisations wanting a mix of private security and shared resources. However, this mix can easily lead to complexity – which can impact speed and interoperability. That’s why it’s important to define a hybrid strategy at the start, by carrying out a cloud-based cost-benefit analysis. 

What’s the difference between private and public cloud?2021-10-17T12:52:54+00:00

Private cloud means a cloud solely for your organisation’s data, apps, infrastructure, and all resources. You manage everything – performance, control and security. Of course, this also means you manage its responsibilities. Public cloud means your resources are stored in a shared cloud with other customers, even if your resources are hidden from each other. 

What’s the best way to get started with IoT?2021-10-17T12:44:16+00:00

Wearables, smart homes – it’s clear the IoT revolution is on its way on the consumer world. For businesses, particularly mid-market and enterprise, we’d recommend contacting us to discuss your IoT goals. We have the answers (and capabilities) to show you regarding networks, connectivity, security, and reliability. In fact, everything you need to get started with IoT in your business.

Will there be enough IP addresses for the billions of connected devices?2021-10-17T12:43:33+00:00

Yes. IPv6 is a newer version of the Internet Protocol (IP) that uses 128 bits (compared to the long-established IPv4’s 32 bits). It’s already commonly used in next-generation applications, cloud computing, and is expected to be used with IoT.

I’ve heard of IoT, what’s IIoT?2021-10-17T12:42:59+00:00

The Industrial Internet of Things brings the power of IoT to industrial use cases. For example, the energy industry, which also happens to be one of our specialist areas.

What sort of connection do I need for my IoT strategy?2021-10-17T12:42:24+00:00

5G services are available with the four major UK networks. However, your business will need something more bespoke, designed to suit your business scenario. We can advise you at every step.

Regarding IoT security, how do you secure devices?2021-10-17T12:41:52+00:00

Our proven cyber security solutions secure businesses all the way up to bank-grade compliance standards. With our long-standing expertise around interoperability, we can devise the right IoT and security strategy for your industry, vertical, and company size.

Can we have configuration access?2021-10-17T11:48:52+00:00

Yes – We offer self-managed and co-managed services.

Can you have different vendors for Wired, Wireless and Perimeter Security?2021-10-17T11:48:03+00:00

Yes – clearly there is some advantages of having a single vendor were possible, however the advantages of another vendors solution can outweigh these. Many of our client solutions have a mix of vendors

Can you pick and mix service options?2021-10-17T11:46:48+00:00

Yes – through all phases of the implementation or in life support we are happy vary our engagement to take into account elements of the service that can be delivered by the client of 3rd parties. We regularly provide services into a mixed echo delivery system.

Is SDN dead?2021-10-17T11:46:09+00:00

Barring some specific instances, as originally conceived, yes. However, vendors have adopted the concept within their own product lines. Brining products to market that have enriched functionality being orchestrated from centralised management systems.

What is SDN2021-10-17T11:45:08+00:00

SDN is the decupling of the data, control and application plane within a network device, the concept being you deploy generic hardware to perform specific functions, e.g an Ethernet switch and then control it from a separate 3rd party application that could control other functions within the overall system. 

What are the lead times for installation?2021-10-17T11:30:05+00:00

Lead times will vary depending on the product you choose and your location.  The good news is that we can offer interim solutions if needed, including 4G and 5G options.  Our support teams will also work closely with our network providers to ensure your deadlines are met and that you are kept informed of progress at every stage. 

Can your data services support voices too?2021-10-17T11:29:27+00:00

Yes, as voice services continue to move to IP, especially with the ISDN 2025 switch off, supporting voice is now a critical part of the role of your Ethernet or Broadband service.  Arrow can offer converged data services across all of our products which will both secure enough bandwidth and prioritise voice over your data network

What happens if there is a network outage?2021-10-17T11:28:49+00:00

Arrow offer comprehensive SLAs with our data products and a number of resilient and backup solutions.  We will work with you to find the best solution for your business.   Ethernet is always the best product to choose for total peace of mind. 

Can I choose which network I use?2021-10-17T11:28:08+00:00

Arrow are agnostic and work with a number of network providers including BT Openreach, Gamma, Virgin and Cityfibre to ensure we have the best nationwide coverage choice for our customers

Are your data services for business-only?2021-10-17T11:27:06+00:00

Yes, most providers offer broadband services to both consumers and businesses, leading to bandwidth choke points at inconvenient times of the day. For your business performance to be the best it can be, ideally you want a business-focused data solution from a business-specialist provider. Such a provider will prioritise business traffic and offer services built specifically for business needs like yours. What’s more, we’ll be able to offer you significantly better levels of support with specialist engineers, both during and outside business hours.

What integrations does the Web Application Firewall support?2021-10-17T10:55:56+00:00

There are many popular third-party DevOps integrations, including Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Azure ARM, AWS CloudFormation. Third-party scanning tool integrations include IBM AppScan, Rapid7, Immuniweb, HPE Security WebInspect.

What is OWASP Top 10?2021-10-17T10:55:17+00:00

The OWASP Top 10 is a standard awareness document for developers and web application security, representing a broad consensus of the most critical security risks to web applications. This includes:

Broken Access Control

Cryptographic Failures


Insecure Design

Security Misconfiguration

Vulnerable and Outdated Components

Identification and Authentication Failures

Software and Data Integrity Failures

Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

Server-Side Request Forgery

What threats does the Web Application Firewall protect against?2021-10-17T10:54:22+00:00

The Web Application Firewall protects against all OWASP top 10 attacks, zero-day attacks, data leakage, and DDoS attacks

How does the Web Application Firewall detect and block threats?2021-10-17T10:53:41+00:00

Acting as a full proxy, the Web Application Firewall inspects request traffic to detect and block inbound attacks while inspecting response traffic to prevent loss of sensitive data such as credit card and Social Security numbers.

Why do I need a Web Application Firewall?2021-10-17T10:52:52+00:00

HTTP and HTTPS traffic is designed to traverse network firewalls. This traffic can contain command exploits that target vulnerabilities in web applications. The Barracuda Web Application Firewall screens input to web applications to block attacks that pass through network firewalls. 

What is account takeover?2021-10-17T10:38:53+00:00

This is when a malicious third party breaks into a user’s account. Often the account contains personal details, which can be used for more serious forms of identity theft.

What is “pattern of life” analysis?2021-10-17T10:38:09+00:00

This analyses behaviours, patterns and movements related to an entity such as your corporate network. Over time, this pattern becomes established and so any deviation is flagged up as a possible breach.

Why is Autonomous Response important for Network Security?2021-10-17T10:37:24+00:00

Autonomous Response is capable of working out the correct action to take to curb or stop an in-progress attack, without the need for human intervention. Regardless of time of day, or where the attack comes in — through cloud, SaaS, email, or the corporate network — the AI takes precise action to neutralise the threat and buy back time for stretched security teams. 

How does Self-Learning AI work?2021-10-17T10:36:47+00:00

Self-Learning AI is made up of many thousands of algorithms that inform its decision-making, each with different strengths. These algorithms operate in competition with one another to deliver the best model for every user and device.

To determine which algorithms to employ at any given moment, Darktrace uses a smart threshold filter that contextually weights and rescores the outputs from all machine learning detectors in light of their previous performance.

To combine these analyses of digital activity, Darktrace uses a technique known as Recursive Bayesian Estimation. Crucially, this allows the AI to continually recalculate threat levels in light of new data and discern significant patterns in data flows indicative of attacks.

What is Self-Learning AI?2021-10-17T10:36:01+00:00

AI is transforming the way we perform myriad tasks within our business and personal lives. But not all AI is created equal. Rather than using large volumes of training data, Self-Learning AI learns on the job from real-time data. Applied to cyber security, this means that it can identify and stop zero-day attacks, because it’s not learning from historical attack data.

If I have a proxy server in my network, how would I deploy the Barracuda Web Security Gateway?2021-10-17T10:09:53+00:00

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway can work with your proxy server either as a cascading proxy server or in transparent mode. We normally recommend replacing a proxy server with the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. 

What kinds of directory servers are supported?2021-10-17T10:09:10+00:00

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway supports any LDAP compatible directory server, including Active Directory, Domino Directory, eDirectory and Open LDAP. 

Can the Barracuda Web Security Gateway block different sites for different users?2021-10-17T10:08:30+00:00

Yes, the Barracuda Web Security Gateway lets administrators customise policies for specific users, groups, and IP address ranges in the organisation. Administrators can also establish time ranges for those policies.
Custom policy examples:

  • To prevent users from job hunting while at work, create a policy that gives only the human resources group access to job-board sites.
  • Defining separate access policies for teachers and students.
  • Grant unrestricted web access to compliance officers for investigations.
  • The Barracuda Web Security Gateway integrates with LDAP directory servers for user and group membership information. It also integrates with Windows domain controllers for easy user authentication.
What is a secure web gateway?2021-10-17T10:07:29+00:00

This solution filters unwanted software, advanced threats and malware from web-based/internet traffic. It also acts as a tool for you to enforce policies.

What is Web Filtering?2021-10-17T10:06:50+00:00

Web filtering is a technology stops users from viewing certain URLs or websites by preventing their browsers from loading pages from these sites. Web filters are made in different ways and deliver various solutions for individual, family, institutional or enterprise use.

Which companies should use on-site/on-premises backup solutions?2021-10-17T09:36:25+00:00

On-site gives companies a powerful way to protect against ransomware and other malicious threats, protecting against accidents, disasters and unexpected malfunctions. It can offer a hybrid option to be used with the cloud, as well as a way to comply with regulatory requirements around storing data. 

Where is my data stored with on-premise backup?2021-10-17T09:35:43+00:00

Arrow’s on-premise backup combines an onsite appliance with a flexible monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription that replicates data offsite. Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for the fastest restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery. 

How is Arrow’s On-premise backup different than other product offerings?2021-10-17T09:34:54+00:00

Our on-premise backup creates a local copy of protected data and efficiently transfers the data offsite without additional burden to production servers. With three secure copies of data and several different methods to restore an organisation’s assets, it is a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient solution to achieve your disaster recovery needs. 

Why can’t I use tape or an external hard drive for backups? What are the benefits of a combined local and offsite backup solution?2021-10-17T09:34:17+00:00

Tapes require the manual management of scheduling backups. Hard drives only create one instance of your data. Whether using tapes or hard drives, the stored data has no means to minimise file duplications and does not possess revision history to select the correct historical version to revert back to. Another burden is the need to regularly transport data offsite for a secondary copy in the event of a system failure or disaster. In comparison, an integrated local and offsite backup solution is easy to manage with automatic backups based on a set time, as well as the secure transfer of data offsite for disaster recovery.

Why do I need a backup solution?2021-10-17T09:33:39+00:00

Equipment storing information can fail. Backup, whether it is local or offsite, maintains a redundant copy of an organisation’s valuable data in the event of a system failure or natural disaster as well as retains data to fulfil compliance requirements and litigation requests. With the additional copy of data, IT administrators gain the ability to easily restore important files. A backup solution for data restores is an integral part of an organisation’s disaster recovery plan.

What is a virtual agent?2021-10-16T16:30:29+00:00

A virtual agent is similar to IVR, using a mixture of pre-recorded answers and Natural Language Processing to support your users and customers by providing them with the necessary information.

What is IVR?2021-10-16T16:29:49+00:00

Interactive Voice Response gives your callers a set of pre-recorded messages, with menu selection by keypad. It bypasses the need to speak to agents, and instead offers an automated phone system

What is omnichannel customer contact?2021-10-16T16:29:06+00:00

Omnichannel customer contact is a key part of our solutions. It gives your customers the opportunity to contact you however they want, whether phone, email, chat or another medium. In the modern always-connected world, omnichannel has become a crucial differentiator.

What is in a Mitel contact centre?2021-10-16T16:28:16+00:00

As a Platinum Mitel reseller, we can deliver bespoke contact centre solutions that give you voice, chat, video and contact centre in one integrated Mitel system.


What is a cloud contact centre?2021-10-16T16:27:21+00:00

This is an internet-based customer service tool, offering your customers multiple ways to contact your business. All inbound and outbound communications can be routed through your cloud contact centre, offering huge potential for making cost savings, improving productivity, and gathering insights

What are HSCN interconnects?2021-10-16T15:56:47+00:00

Health and Social Care Networks offer hospitals, GPs, medical centres and NHS offices a way to access data over high-speed networks.

What are CCS frameworks?2021-10-16T15:56:09+00:00

These set out public sector requirements from the Crown Commercial Service. They are divided into different types of lots, often product or service type. They contain a list of approved suppliers and contract terms. 

What is a method to ensure cloud security?2021-10-16T15:55:32+00:00

Our UK-based, 10,000 square feet, data centre. This gives you fully managed secure data centre and private cloud services, accredited by the NHS.

What are National Data Guardian standards?2021-10-16T15:54:54+00:00

These were developed by National Data Guardian, which works with the Department of Health and Social Care. They are government-approved for every organisation to consider when handling confidential information. 

What is a Trustworthy Research Environment?2021-10-16T15:54:13+00:00

This is a single secure environment for accessing sensitive data, designed for researchers to carry out their work while using security controls

In which industries can Mitel MiCloud be deployed?2021-10-16T15:47:57+00:00

We have implemented MiCloud in a variety of industries, for small businesses (who may benefit most from MiVoice Office 250), up to large enterprises who need the power and peace of mind provided by solutions such as MiCloud Arrow.

What collaboration features does MiCloud Flex offer?2021-10-16T15:47:13+00:00

MiCloud Flex’s collaboration tools include presence-based awareness, instant video communications, visual voicemail, attendant console. Naturally, we can advise you on which features would work best for your specific use cases.

Is Mitel a Gartner-rated company?2021-10-16T15:46:33+00:00

Mitel is recognised globally for its innovation and excellence in unified communications (UC). This includes being rated a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader five times, as well as #1 in UC market share for Europe, and #1 in private cloud worldwide. 

What options are there for a Mitel contact centre?2021-10-16T15:45:56+00:00

We offer high levels of experience and expertise for integrating your Mitel solution with your preferred third-party business applications, including CRMs such as Salesforce. You can then provide customer insights in real-time, for enhancing and expanding customer experience.

What is Mitel’s unified communications and collaboration (UCC) offering?2021-10-16T15:45:16+00:00

All of Mitel’s extensive voice solutions can be expanded into UCC solutions with a full suite of capabilities. Your organisation can gain a seamlessly integrated system for communicating at speed, for faster decision-making, improved efficiency and higher productivity.

Can I use Horizon with Microsoft Teams?2021-10-16T15:17:35+00:00

Yes – Horizon has a link to connect directly to Microsoft Teams. You can then make Horizon-based calls from within the MS Teams appThis voice expertise offers a way to further boost your customer experience offering.

What is included in Horizon?2021-10-16T15:17:00+00:00

Everything you need to offer an always-on telephony feature set. Full control, integration and support for hardware, contact centre, unified communications and CRM. 

How does Horizon work?2021-10-16T15:16:24+00:00

Horizon sits in a cloud-based network data centre. Users make calls through their data connection to the Gamma network. They’re then routed to the normal phone network and mobile devices. Users manage the system through a web interface or mobile app. A powerful dashboard gives you convenient access to information, such as call history, voicemail and recorded calls. Personalised settings can be set quickly and easily ensuring your calls are handled effectively. 

How is Horizon priced?2021-10-16T15:15:47+00:00

Horizon uses a simple and competitive licensing model with minimal capital outlay. Free calls and hardware bundles are also available 

What is Gamma Horizon?2021-10-16T15:15:08+00:00

Horizon is a UK-based, market-leading , Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaSsolution. Discover a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, all accessed through an easy-to-use web portal 

What sorts of functions do UEM tools carry out?2021-10-16T15:01:11+00:00

You can use UEM to set up, control and monitor mobile devices from a single pane, manage endpoints (such as with IoT), establish a standard for configuring, protecting and complying, orchestrate infrastructure, gather analytics, and provide users with support. 

Do you offer scalable enterprise mobile management bundles?2021-10-16T15:00:25+00:00

You’ll find a variety of options with enterprise-level flexibility, with unlimited user limits. These can be easily scaled up or down depending on what your business needs. Plus you get an Insight Portal to review usage at any time.

Which management solution/s should I go for?2021-10-16T14:59:44+00:00

Arrow work with the leading providers of UEM and MTD. We use these long-standing relationships to give you high-level consultative advice based on your exact mobile management and threat prevention needs.

Is Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) the same as UEM?2021-10-16T14:59:04+00:00

No, these solutions complement each other rather than overlap. A UEM platform manages your physical device and its features, whereas an MTD platform secures and manages the actual data on that device and in transit. 

What is a UEM platform?2021-10-16T14:58:24+00:00

UEM stands for Unified Endpoint Management. It gives you a way of securing and controlling all your laptops, smartphones and tablets – from one place. 

What is SD-WAN?2021-10-16T14:52:41+00:00

SD-WAN is an acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Networks using software to dynamically route network traffic from point A to point B. 

What does it mean that BT are switching of analogue services by 2025?2021-10-16T14:51:55+00:00

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) network will be switched off by the end of 2025, and many PSTN exchanges are already under notice of switch-off as the UK prepares for the move to full fibre.

Do I need a phone line for SoGEA?2021-10-16T14:51:19+00:00

No phone line required.  With SoGEA everything comes from us and you are no longer tied into a landline contract with someone else. Benefit from only one point of contact and faster fault resolution.

How fast can I expect next generation broadband service to be?2021-10-16T14:50:41+00:00

You can expect speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload on SoGEA. 

What is SoGEA?2021-10-16T14:50:01+00:00

Single Order Generic Ethernet

How does the Insight Portal help me manage my business mobiles?2022-04-29T16:25:34+00:00

This self-service is free to all business mobile customers. You can check bills, usage and generate reports. You can be invoiced to one head office or per cost centre or user.

I need a mobile fleet management system that protects me against roaming charges. Can you help?2021-10-16T14:34:43+00:00

Definitely. You’ll find a range of data roaming options built to prevent bill shock. Inclusive data, calls and texts, plus UEM and MDM bolt-ons for added peace of mind.

Do you offer Apple mobile device support with your business mobile plans?2021-10-16T14:34:09+00:00

You can access the latest Apple (and Samsung) devices, get two-year warranties, plus device support from our business mobile experts.

What sort of business mobile support do you offer?2021-10-16T14:33:33+00:00

Like all our services, we’re as flexible as you need. Example projects could be basic SIM transfers, through to customised mobile plans covering security, contracts, coverage – anything that helps you be more productive.

Which mobile networks do you work with?2022-04-29T16:27:23+00:00

We’re rated a Top 5 Business Mobile Service Provider for O2, and one of only eight independent mobile service providers for Vodafone. We also offer mobile contracts on EE so you can be assured of the best coverage across the UK, whichever network you use.

How is your support accessed, via a portal?2021-10-16T13:58:12+00:00

Yes – but we don’t hide behind it. If you have a support agreement and prefer to pick up the phone one of our UK-based engineers answer it.

Is your support delivered using in-house resources?2021-10-16T13:57:28+00:00

 Yes – It’s the only way we can ensure we can control the service you receive.

Can configuration control be shared?2021-10-16T13:56:48+00:00

Yes – many organisations have the capability to make certain levels of changes themselves or at certain times of there choosing. We are happy to split access across types of change or share control in part or full

Can we have access to your monitoring tools?2021-10-16T13:56:06+00:00

Absolutely. You get a portal that provides access to status and performance information.

How does monitoring a network bring value?2021-10-16T13:55:28+00:00

The value comes from detecting a decorating issue or loss of resilience before it becomes service impacting. It can also alert about malicious activity and other anomalous behaviour.

What are Tier 1 carriers?2021-10-16T13:43:27+00:00

These carriers own enough of the UK’s infrastructure that call quality and reliability isn’t compromised by having to compress or re-route calls. They include Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, Gamma Telecom, and British Telecom.

What are ISO standards?2021-10-16T13:42:47+00:00

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditation demonstrates proven world-class services, standards and processes. It is recognised across industries, and is an internationally recognised seal of approval from an objective third-party

What is VDI?2021-10-16T13:42:02+00:00

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a form of virtualisation that uses virtual machines to provide and virtual desktops. These are hosted on a central server, and enable users to connect remotely and access services and applications remotely.

What is hybrid cloud?2021-10-16T13:41:16+00:00

Hybrid cloud is a mix of computing services and infrastructure that can be made up of multiple platforms, from at least one on-premises solution and one cloud-based solution.

What is private cloud?2021-10-16T13:40:28+00:00

Private cloud is computing services and infrastructure that’s for one organisation only. No resources are shared, with everything isolated on a private network.

Aren’t LANs being phased out?2021-10-16T13:25:21+00:00

Not necessarily. LAN is having to evolve, to cater for increased device mobility and cloud-based networks. LAN also offers security that supports many companies’ regulatory requirements.

What are Tier 1 carriers?2021-10-16T13:24:26+00:00

These carriers own enough of the UK’s infrastructure that call quality and reliability isn’t compromised by having to compress or re-route calls. They include Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, Gamma Telecom, and British Telecom.

Why are the number of endpoints rising?2021-10-16T13:23:42+00:00

More people are working remotely, partly due to new technologies such as cloud, and partly due to changing employee expectations around flexible working. With more devices being used remotely, more connections to networks are made.

What is an endpoint?2021-10-16T13:22:56+00:00

An endpoint is a device, such as a PC or phone, that is connected to a network.

What are behavioural-based attacks?2021-10-16T13:21:57+00:00

This is where an organisation’s usual business activity and behaviour is monitored. Any anomalies or sudden changes in behaviour, such as with application usage, are flagged up. This means malicious attacks can be stopped as early as possible.

Can you mix connectivity providers?2021-10-16T13:08:30+00:00

Yes. Often as a means to increase network resilience and cost control, we will use services from multiple providers, giving you the best-fit for engineering a solution.

Can you mix and match technologies?2021-10-16T13:07:47+00:00

Absolutely. Many of our client solutions have a mix of WAN technologies. For example, we’ve delivered MPLS, Point to Point and SD-WAN, all serving different requirements.

Can we have configuration access?2021-10-16T13:07:06+00:00

Yes – we offer self-managed and co-managed services.

What connectivity options are available?2021-10-16T13:06:25+00:00

This depends on the services available at your location. Many sites can get access to fibre, which is typically the most reliable and offers the best performance. Most will have fibre to cabinet, allowing superfast broadband. Pretty much everywhere has copper to the exchange, enabling ADSL and Ethernet over copper services. Increasing 4G and 5G is also an option. We can perform a desktop survey and confirm available services.

Is SD-WAN better than MPLS?2021-10-16T13:05:37+00:00

For many organisations following a cloud strategy, the increasingly common answer is yes. However, MPLS and other technologies still have something different to offer.

What cyber security solutions are available for network security?2021-10-16T11:56:31+00:00

Protecting your networks involves strategic expertise, to analyse your systemand monitor traffic flow, bandwidth and general vigilance of your infrastructure. To achieve this, we can advise you on the right firewalls, SD-WAN, IoT device security, load balancers, general web security and much more.

What cyber security solutions are available for public cloud?2021-10-16T11:55:57+00:00

The nature of public cloud requires high level of control to ensure your data is kept separate from others. We offer specialised public cloud security and firewall solutions, designed for AWS/Azure/Google.

What backup and recovery services are available?2021-10-16T11:55:23+00:00

Solutions such as Veamm, one of our partners, enable disaster recovery within seconds. You can back up, replicate and enable cloud mobility from a single console. You also get real-time monitoring for managing threats and data security.

What is Unified Threat Management (UTM)?2021-10-16T11:54:48+00:00

UTM gives you a single installation on your networkthat acts as protection for multiple security functions, such as malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, hackers, and viruses/worms/trojans.

What are managed cyber security solutions?2021-10-16T11:54:13+00:00

Managed services can give you enterprise-grade security without enterprise-grade complexity. You can outsource to a third party who will protect your networks and data, and also optimise your operations and processes. 

Microsoft 365 already has security features. Why would I need additional protection?2021-11-01T11:02:00+00:00

Certain Microsoft 365 plans do come with Exchange Online Protection and Compliance Centre, providing an initial layer of security. However, there are no native security features in Office 365 designed to stop Business Email Compromise, social engineering, and spear phishing attacks.

Which software offers streamlined energy and carbon reporting?2021-10-16T11:45:36+00:00

Pulse’s POD software can save 90% of your time managing utilities. You get real-time and automated reporting for performance metrics. These include usage, documentation, alerts, error notifications, on-demand budgeting and forecasting.

What is included in your energy management services?2021-10-16T11:44:58+00:00

Services are bespoke and are customised according to your business and goals. We’re a full service broker, so this can cover procurement and account management, through to sourcing contracts and optimising budgets.

What is an omni-channel contact centre?2021-11-01T10:54:36+00:00

Customers can contact you via their preferred channel. Phone, email, chat, messaging – these different channels are unified so that details of interactions are consolidated into one, making it ideal for integrating with your CRM.

What are the advantages of cloud telephony?2021-10-16T11:25:30+00:00

Cloud telephony removes the headaches from running a physical phone system. Less hardware means you can scale infrastructure easier and cost effectively. What’s more, you can harness video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration, CRM integration, and many more productivity-enabling tools.

What business mobile tariffs do you offer?2021-11-01T10:53:14+00:00

We’re one of only five dual network service providers of O2 and Vodafone. This means we can unlock tariffs you won’t find online, giving you comprehensive and resilient coverage, along with access to best-in-breed devices.

What is Microsoft Teams?2021-10-16T11:24:13+00:00

A business application and platform that offers users multiple ways to collaborate and communicate. This includes chat, voice, video, file storage and sharing. Teams comes as part of Microsoft 365.

What is hybrid working?2021-10-16T11:23:39+00:00

This model of working enables employees to work from different locations. Implemented correctly, there should be no difference between connecting to devices and collaborating in the office, at home, or when on the move.

What sort of network device management is available?2021-10-16T11:19:49+00:00

We offer a range of Mobile Device Management and Mobile Data Management solutions. These can be integrated with all enterprise systems, giving you the infrastructure for fleet management, IoT, and secure “in the field” operations.

What if I have issues with mobile in building coverage?2021-11-01T10:58:41+00:00

We can provide digital infrastructure to solve your in-building challenges. Masts, small cells, picocells, distributed antenna systems, 5G ready fibre, whatever in-building coverage your business and users need.

Can SD-WAN replace my MPLS network?2021-10-16T11:18:33+00:00

SD-WAN transforms how you can benefit from cloud applications. Centralised control, easy scalability, cost savings – these are just some of the many advantages SD-WAN has compared to MPLS.

What security services for virtual connectivity are available?2021-10-16T11:17:55+00:00

We can spin up scalable virtual solutions to deal with threats such as data loss prevention, intrusion detection and prevention. Naturally, these are as flexible as you need, to help avoid bill shock while freeing up your resources.

How do I access my Office 365 backups?2021-10-13T18:36:00+00:00

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You manage it via Barracuda Cloud Control, a cloud-based service that makes it easy to monitor and configure Barracuda products and services from a single console. 

How long can I retain my backup data?2021-10-13T18:35:23+00:00

You set the retention policies for your backed-up data based on your particular needs. Unlimited retention means you get complete flexibility. 

How much storage does Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provide?2021-10-13T18:34:47+00:00

You are free to back up and protect an unlimited amount of data in Barracuda Cloud Storage. 

How is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup licensed?2021-10-13T18:34:13+00:00

It is licensed on a per-user basis. 

What data does Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protect?2021-10-13T18:33:33+00:00

Use it to protect your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data. For more information, please refer to our documentation here. 

What is SD-WAN?2021-10-13T18:25:10+00:00

An SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is an application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology that provides software-based control over wide area network connections. SD-WAN technology simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism. It essentially “virtualises” the WAN so that you can configure the network and route traffic without dealing with proprietary hardware connections. 

What is a VPN?2021-10-13T18:24:30+00:00

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs forward all your personal traffic through their network, which is where the benefits all come from. 

Why are Cloud Firewalls important?2021-10-13T18:23:57+00:00

Enterprises have shifted away from running applications from on-prem servers – instead opting to use virtual machines and containers. This has led to rapid growth in endpoints, all of which need to be protected. This constant flux of endpoint exposure has necessitated a shift away from traditional network security solutions. 

What are Cloud Firewalls?2021-10-13T18:23:20+00:00

Cloud Firewalls are software-based, cloud deployed network devices, built to stop or mitigate unwanted access to private networks. As a new technology, they are designed for modern business needs, and sit within online application environments. 

What is a Next Generation Firewall?2021-10-13T18:22:47+00:00

The term “Next-Generation Firewall” (NGFW) was first coined by Gartner Research, and it refers to the third generation of network firewall technology. These firewalls build on the previous generation of firewalls by tightly integrating additional capabilities, such as in-line deep packet inspection (DPI), intrusion prevention (IPS), and application-level traffic inspection. 

Why can’t I just use my backup as an archive?2021-10-12T17:14:13+00:00

There are significant limitations and deficiencies with this approach which make it inadvisable. These include: 

  1. Backups capture data at specific points in time, so cannot ensure a 100-percent complete and accurate record of all data. 
  2. Retention policies within backups do not provide the granular level of control over data retention needed to meet more complex compliance requirements. 
  3. Backups do not provide full text and multilevel search, tagging, and export capabilities, which maybe critical for compliance with e-discovery requests. 
  4. The point-in-time revisions stored by backup solutions contain multiple versions of data items, which must be reconciled to produce a single set of accurate and verifiable results for e-discovery. 
  5. Backup solutions typically do not provide direct access for end users to search and retrieve historical data, or allow them to restore individual items without involving IT. 
How easy is it to get started with Barracuda archiving?2021-10-12T17:12:39+00:00

Most users are up and running within an hour, and there are no additional charges for setup, implementation, or importing existing data. 

How much data can I archive?2021-10-12T17:12:04+00:00

If you use the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service, there is no limit to the amount of data that you can archive and retain indefinitely. We do recommend that you implement data retention policies to ensure compliance and reduce risk. 

How is Barracuda archiving licensed?2021-10-12T17:10:35+00:00

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is licensed on a simple and predictable per-user basis, with no charge for inactive mailboxes. The Barracuda Message Archiver is licensed on the basis of a flat cost per appliance regardless of the number of users. For both solutions, all functionality is included in the standard licence, with no additional charges or setup fees.

Can Arrow help with our IT Strategy?2021-10-10T17:34:39+00:00

Absolutely, we have dedicated experienced consultants who can work with you to meet your requirements and future needs.

What is SIP?2021-10-10T17:34:00+00:00

A Session Initiation Protocol enables applications to set up voice and video calls for users. These are made in real-time, and can be desktop or mobile clients.

What is hybrid IT?2021-10-10T17:32:55+00:00

Hybrid IT is where your organisation provides and manages some resources in-house but also uses cloud-based services for resources. You may wish to keep data on-premises for compliance reasons, while harnessing cloud technology for other services requiring more agility.

What is cloud IT?2021-10-10T17:32:18+00:00

Cloud computing provides on-demand availability of computing resources and services, including data, applications, and servers. It’s delivered through the internet as a scalable and elastic service, rather than with hardware.

What’s is SASE?2021-10-10T17:31:35+00:00

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) was originally described by analyst firm Gartner. SASE is a form of network architecture that simplifies traditional wide-area networking and security, by delivering connectivity when needed as a cloud service directly.

How much is an in-building coverage solution?2021-10-10T15:46:44+00:00

Costs vary depending on how many networks you would need and how many floors and space is required. We can provide an approximate quote and a desktop design from a set of floor plans. So, if you are interested, send them in to your account manager.

What’s included?2021-10-10T15:46:15+00:00

All the network operator cells and supporting switches. If exiting cabling is not needed, we can also provide this at a competitive rate

How does the solution work?2021-10-10T15:45:40+00:00

Small cell in-building coverage solutions allow for internal cells (size of a router) to receive mobile traffic from devices. This is then sent via the building data network to the installed switches, usually in a main comms room. Then, via partitioned or dedicated connectivity, it’s sent out to the Freshwave network and the mobile network.

What mobile networks are covered?2021-10-10T15:45:03+00:00

In-building coverage is provided by Freshwave, so you’re covered and supported by all four main UK operators (O2, Vodafone, EE and Three).

What is an in-building coverage solution?2021-10-10T15:44:06+00:00

An in-building coverage solution is a system installed to provide mobile phone coverage to an area lacking signal. Types and prices vary, and usually depend on office size and number of users.

Are home networks more at risk from cyber attacks?2021-10-10T15:35:44+00:00

Whenever a network connects to the internet, it becomes more vulnerable. When that network is a home network, it’s likely to be patched less often, may have multiple unsecured devices connected, and is less visible to the organisation.

What is multi-layered security?2021-10-10T15:35:04+00:00

Multi-layered security gives your organisation several layers of protection. It’s a way to managing the complexity and variety of modern threats, by deploying multiple controls throughout your environment.

What are zero-day malware attacks?2021-10-10T15:34:27+00:00

Zero-day relates to recently discovered vulnerabilities, which the vendor hasn’t spotted or had time to fix yet. These are particularly dangerous because only the attacker knows they exist. 

What is a web application firewall?2021-10-10T15:33:29+00:00

This protects your applications, APIs and mobile app backends, preventing threats reaching your network. It’s ideal for modern business, with increased use of applications meaning an increased attack surface.

What is a web secure gateway?2021-10-10T15:32:56+00:00

This filters unsecured traffic from entering your network. It can also be used to apply and enforce acceptable use policies, helping you ensure regulatory compliance.

Can I port in existing numbers to Teams?2021-10-10T15:27:42+00:00

Yes, absolutely. We can port your numbers without downtime, for business continuity and peace of mind.

What is direct routing for Microsoft Teams?2021-10-10T15:27:06+00:00

This connects your Microsoft Teams tenant to a PSTN, so users can make and receive calls using Teams on any device.

Why are SIP Trunking services becoming popular?2021-10-10T15:26:29+00:00

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) uses VoIP protocol to connect phone systems to the PSTN. SIP trunk are seen as a cost-effective alternative or replacement for ISDN, which is being switched off in 2025.

What is a business PBX phone system?2021-10-10T15:25:51+00:00

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) manages your users’ internal calls, routing them to the right extensions, and offers a certain number of external numbers.

What is a Microsoft Teams SBC?2021-10-10T15:25:14+00:00

The Session Border Controller (SBC) securely transfers data from your phone system into the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

What sort of features are available with IPScape and Luware?2021-10-10T15:13:41+00:00

Our partners offer a range of features that focus on high-quality customer and employee experience. These include cloud telephony modules for call groups, internal help desks, screensharing, automatic dialling, IVR, disaster recovery, robotic process automation. 

Can Teams include voice analytics?2021-10-10T15:13:06+00:00

We offer a range of voice solutions from best-in-breed vendors, many of which include analytics for you to monitor and optimise performance.

What onboarding support is there for Teams in a contact centre?2021-10-10T15:12:33+00:00

Arrow offers Arrow Skills, builtin to each user’s Teams instance. This includes 5,000+ regularly updated videos to help your employees get the most from Teams and related products.

What is MiFID II and how does it relate to a contact centre?2021-10-10T15:11:57+00:00

MiFID II is a directive for businesses operating in the finance industry. It states they must define and adapt how they record and process customer interactions. Contact centres must therefore consider how this impacts their use of call scripts, identity management, and consent.

What is PCI-compliant call recording?2021-10-10T15:11:16+00:00

This is the legal process for capturing calls in a way that matches the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Any time a customer gives their card details in a call that is recorded/captured, you need to put in place systems to comply.

Can I use multi-network SIMs for IoT devices?2021-10-10T15:01:32+00:00

Yes. We offer IoT consultancy services for sending and receiving data to your connected devices. What’s more, we can offer you tariffs at more cost-effective rates than if you go to providers directly.

How can I keep track of the mobile data usage across multiple sites and users2021-10-10T15:00:55+00:00

All customers get free access to Insight. This is your online billing platform for checking invoices, managing fleets of devices, and generating reports.

Are speeds throttled on the mobile data plans?2021-10-10T15:00:20+00:00

No. Relax with 100% speed on data and connectivity, keeping you productive at all times.

Do users have manually change their mobile network if there’s a drop in signal?2021-10-10T14:59:47+00:00

Devices will automatically select the best signal available – your users won’t need to do any mobile phone management.

Do I need a separate business mobile phone tariff for my mobile business plans?2021-10-10T14:58:58+00:00

No. Mobile connectivity and mobile shared data can be under one tariff with one SIM, even though you’re benefiting from multiple networks.

Am I eligible for a reduced business energy tax?2021-10-10T14:31:58+00:00

Most UK businesses pay VAT at 20%. However, you may be entitled to a 5% rate if your consumption is officially recognised as “low” or your business is charitable or non-profit. We can help you make sure you’re paying the right amount, and even help you apply for a rebate.

What are the different types of renewable energy?2021-10-10T14:31:26+00:00

You’ll find a wide range of renewable energy types, ranging from established to emerging technologies. These all come from the planet’s natural activities, including solar, wind, sea, hydro (water), biomass (plants), geothermal (hot water and steam).

Do you work with carbon neutral energy suppliers?2021-10-10T14:30:40+00:00

We work with a range of suppliers, each with different advantages and pricing models. It’s this variety and complexity that means we offer to manage your contracts for you, saving you time and freeing you to focus on your business.

What is included in your energy management services?2021-10-10T14:30:03+00:00

Services are bespoke and are customised according to your business and goals. We’re a full service broker, so this can cover procurement and account management, through to sourcing contracts and optimising budgets.

What is green electricity?2021-10-10T14:29:27+00:00

Green electricity is produced from renewable sources, such as wind, solar and hydro. It’s sometimes called clean energy because it’s not from fossil fuels such as coal or gas.

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?2021-10-10T14:17:17+00:00

Our advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine. This detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real-time, and identifies which employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis, which allows the technology to understand the typical communication patterns of your email environment, flagging any anomalies as suspicious. 

Don’t existing systems such as Microsoft 365 have cyber security in place for these sorts of attacks?2021-10-10T14:16:40+00:00

Microsoft 365 does have advanced in-built security. However, some attacks rely on human error, and these often can’t be picked up by software-based defence solutions. 

Why is security awareness important?2021-10-10T14:16:05+00:00

The rise in hybrid working means more employees have remote access to business-critical data, storage and infrastructure. Rather than residing behind the perimeter, this makes them more open and potentially vulnerable to hackers. Empowering them with knowledge through security awareness is the best way you can help them defend. 

What is security awareness training?2021-10-10T14:15:31+00:00

This educates and informs your employees and users about their role in preventing cyber attacks on your business. Through a series of activities, they’re placed in situations that mimic genuine cyber attack techniques, such as through phishing email attempts. Games and questionnaires can also be used, to gain qualitative and quantitative understanding into different employees’ awareness levels.

What is social engineering?2021-10-10T14:14:51+00:00

This is a form of attack which relies on human psychology rather than technology. It aims to cause human error, by tricking a user into giving out confidential information or access to your data, network, or other valuable resources. Seemingly innocuous questions, that rely on someone’s natural instinct to trust and believe who they’re talking to. 

Why do you need email incident response?2021-10-10T14:07:30+00:00

When an attack hits your inbox, it can spread throughout the rest of your company network fast, causing exponential damage and increasing cost. Incident response solutions are built to eliminate these malicious emails as quickly as possible before carrying out remediation actions to halt the overall attack’s progress and minimise damages. 

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?2021-10-10T14:06:55+00:00

The advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine. This detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real time, and identifies which of your employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis. The technology understands the typical communication patterns and writing styles in your email environment. Any unusual activity or changes from the norm are flagged as anomalies and suspicious. 

Why do you need a Secure Email Gateway?2021-10-10T14:06:21+00:00

Microsoft 365 does have an inbuilt spam filter, but this may not always be enough to combat tactics of today’s spammers. Secure Email Gateways are tried-and-tested (rather than new or ground-breaking solution)and remain the best defence against inbound and outbound spam and malware. 

What is Multi-Layered Email Security?2021-10-10T14:05:48+00:00

With multi-layered email security solutions, additional layers such as AI-powered threat detection and incident response are built upon a more traditional secure email gateway (SEG). This significantly reduces your organisation’s risk of attackers bypassing their defences

Office 365 already has security features. Why would I need additional protection?2021-10-10T14:05:14+00:00

Certain Microsoft 365 plans do come with Exchange Online Protection and Compliance Centre, providing an initial layer of security. However, there are no native security features in Office 365 designed to stop Business Email Compromise, social engineering, and spear phishing attacks. 

What online meeting room software do you integrate with?2021-10-10T13:48:20+00:00

We have frameworks for whichever platform you currently use. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Teams is obviously a solution where we have specific expertise. Zoom is also a common choice for our clients.

What is a meeting room controller?2021-10-10T13:47:45+00:00

This gives you the ability to manage guests, screen-shares, in-meeting controls such as volume and mute – via a single screen and at your fingertips

How big should a huddle room be?2021-10-10T13:47:07+00:00

An average huddle room is roughly 10ft x 10ft and can include two wall mounted flat panels for simultaneous video conferencing and screen sharing. 

What is auto framing and camera tracking?2021-10-10T13:46:24+00:00

Auto framing is a feature which keeps the subjects in focus while camera tracking means the remain in the centre of the screen. 

Why do you need meeting rooms?2021-10-10T13:45:48+00:00

They enable you to talk, listen and share content without struggling to overcome background noise and other distractions in a professional environment. 

What is ransomware?2021-10-10T11:17:55+00:00

Ransomware is a form of malware where victims are blocked from accessing their files or online resources, usually by a form of encryption. To unblock access/encryption, victims are asked to pay a ransom.

What is a managed services provider?2021-10-10T11:17:21+00:00

This is a third-party provider of support for your networks, applications, infrastructure, security, and other IT services and resources. Support can be as much or as little as you need, delivered remotely or in-person.

What cloud hosting providers do you work with?2021-10-10T11:16:44+00:00

The three main service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure (we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner), and Google Cloud Platform. We work with all these providers, and can give you objective hosting advice based on your specific needs.

What is a web firewall?2021-10-10T11:16:03+00:00

This filters inbound and outbound traffic, particularly with applications, helping to protect your business against malicious attacks with monitoring of the http/https protocol. 

What is cloud backup?2021-10-10T11:15:21+00:00

This ensures you can restore business and operations quickly, with the minimum amount of damage. Your data, applications and resources are backed up and kept on a cloud-based remote server (rather than on-premises)

Cloud IT2021-10-10T11:14:03+00:00
Can I use call recording for call quality monitoring?2021-10-08T18:54:22+00:00

Yes. Our solutions enable you to store up to 50,000 minutes of MP3 audio, with options to integrate with platforms built for compliance around the likes of GDPR.

What is call barging?2021-10-08T18:53:45+00:00

This involves listening to conversations between a caller and an agent. Managers may want to check that standards are being kept, or a colleague may need to step in to support or add extra information.

Which government schemes exist for low carbon electricity?2021-10-08T16:01:01+00:00

The government has introduced multiple policies and schemes that relate to low carbon and net zero electricity initiatives. These include Climate Change Agreements, Climate Change Levies, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

What procurement options exist for zero carbon electricity?2021-10-08T16:00:18+00:00

Choosing the right option can be a huge challenge – especially for larger organisations with multiple contracts. That’s why we offer a specialised procurement service, which involves assessing current usage, evaluating taxes and charges, sourcing quotes, legal reviews, and plenty more.

Which software offers streamlined energy and carbon reporting?2021-10-08T15:59:35+00:00

Pulse’s POD software can save 90% of your time managing utilities. You get real-time and automated reporting for performance metrics. These include usage, documentation, alerts, error notifications, on-demand budgeting and forecasting.

What does carbon net zero mean?2021-10-08T15:58:03+00:00

This means achieving a neutral (ie zero) balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced, and the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the Earth’s atmosphere.

How does carbon offsetting work in practice?2021-10-08T15:54:54+00:00

Companies emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases (their carbon footprint) invest in projects that store or reduce carbon emission. To be offset, the amount emitted should be less than the amount stored or reduced.

What causes errors in business energy contracts?2021-10-08T15:34:54+00:00

Over the years we’ve encountered many reasons for errors. Sometimes it’s down to new IT systems and issues with implementation and integration. It can be down to older meters which have degraded or developed faults. There’s also the risk of human error, particularly when processing billing for large organisations.

What is the Renewables Obligation (RO)’s role in the move to carbon neutrality?2021-10-08T15:34:10+00:00

The RO is a government-led initiative, obliging electricity suppliers to source a proportion of their supply from renewable energy sources.

What does POD mean?2021-10-08T15:33:32+00:00

Pulse Online Database. Built by energy broker Pulse, POD gives you transparent reporting to improve efficiencies across finance, facilities and sustainability teams.

What is included within your energy and carbon reporting tools?2021-10-08T15:32:47+00:00

POD offers a suite of on-demand tools. These include access to bills, contracts, MOP and AMR documents, consumption reports, KVA analysis, budgeting tools, DUoS charges support, plus much more.

What does Net Zero mean?2021-10-08T15:23:22+00:00

Net Zero means there is zero difference between the amount of greenhouse gas that’s produced, and the amount removed from the atmosphere. The ultimate goal is about reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

What is intelligent call routing (ICR)?2021-10-08T14:27:44+00:00

This is where incoming calls are matched to the agent or department that can best solve the caller’s query. We can enable ICR for omnichannel strategies, so routing queries from social and digital channels as well as voice.

Which regulations apply to call recording?2021-10-08T10:46:09+00:00

We specialise in supplying solutions for the strictest regulatory environments, which may include PCI, HIPAA, MiFID II, GDPR. These are for clients with specific requirements around storing, deleting and accessing call recording data.

How can I ensure PCI compliant call recording?2021-10-08T10:43:51+00:00

Our call recording software can be customised specifically to meet PCI Security Council standards around security management, policies and procedures. We can also provide the network infrastructure to support your compliance obligations.

How much is Wildix?2021-10-08T09:38:13+00:00

Wildix comes with a choice of flexible licences and call packages to suit all customers. Of course, your Arrow account manager will help you choose the right solution for your company.

What does Wildix integrate with?2021-10-08T09:37:37+00:00

The Wildix solution supports a wide range of integrations. These include Google, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, SAP Business One and numerous other major tech names and programs.

How long does Wildix take to deploy?2021-10-08T09:37:02+00:00

Because Wildix is WebRTC-based, it can be deployed very quickly. Collaboration can be available on the same day! As a Platinum partner, Arrow will always work within your timeframes.

How secure is Wildix?2021-10-08T09:35:29+00:00

Wildix is secure-by-design. It does not need SBCs or VPNs. Voice and data are always protected because it’s created with a native encryption system.

Are Wildix handsets and headsets available?2021-10-08T09:34:48+00:00

Absolutely. Wildix have a full range of hardware to support every need all covered by a unique 5-year warranty.

Can you provide on-premise backup with cloud integration?2021-10-01T13:53:22+00:00

We specialise in working with complex environments, including enterprises with legacy infrastructure and specific industry requirements around data security. We offer multiple solutions to ensure your data flows and is backed up between cloud and on-premises.

What are the risks of not backing up your data?2021-10-01T13:52:53+00:00

Data loss can result in a range of serious consequences for businesses, including productivity disruption, GDPR fines, reputation damage, or even complete business failure depending on the data in question.

Why do you need backup for Microsoft 365?2021-10-01T13:52:18+00:00

Microsoft offers limited built-in protection for your vital emails and data – but it is not designed as a backup solution. Without a third-party backup solution, any corrupted or deleted Microsoft 365 files and data can be permanently lost.

How does Cloud-to-Cloud Backup work?2021-10-01T13:51:40+00:00

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable protection for all your Office 365 data. It automatically and securely backs up your email, contacts, folders, schedules, and tasks, along with your OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Groups, and Teams data, to Barracuda Cloud Storage.

How does the backup appliance work?2021-10-01T13:51:00+00:00

Our backup appliance is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for the fastest restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery.

What is a hosted phone system?2021-10-01T13:10:51+00:00

You can have a full telephone service in the cloud, without needing system hardware (apart from phone devices). It’s scalable, doesn’t usually require physical cabling, and enables your workforce to be productive through an app, rather than from a fixed phone line.

What happens if my phone lines go down?2021-10-01T13:10:12+00:00

All of our voice options offer inbuilt disaster recovery. From pre-programmed divert options to self-management. We also only work with Tier-1 networks.

Can I mix and match voice solutions?2021-11-01T10:59:31+00:00

Absolutely, Arrow will work with you to find the best solutions for each part of your business. We can combine these all into one contract and monthly invoice.

Can I keep my existing numbers if I move to a different solution?2021-10-01T13:08:59+00:00

Yes, all providers are covered by the same industry wide rules and timescales

What is the ISDN Switch Off?2021-10-01T13:08:32+00:00

BT Openreach announced the end of PSTN and ISDN back in 2015. The telecommunications service provider began shutting down networks in 2020 and will stop taking new orders starting 2023. By December 2025, PSTN circuits will be shut off completely.

What is Azure security?2021-09-30T10:20:00+00:00

We work with the major cloud platforms, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. We can advise you on which is most suitable, depending on your needs, and based on requirements around networking, access control, remote access, DDoS, traffic management, monitoring and threat detection.

What is a Web Application Firewall?2021-09-30T10:19:29+00:00

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects websites and applications from attackers who use protocol and application vulnerabilities to steal data, deny service (DDoS), or deface websites. This is done by inspecting HTTP traffic before it reaches your applications, and filtering out the threat before any damage can be dealt.

What is a Cloud Generation Firewall?2021-09-30T10:18:54+00:00

Cloud Generation firewalls combine full next-generation security with the connectivity optimization of a full SD-WAN solution onto one single, easy to manage hardware, virtual or cloud appliance – improving site-to-site connectivity and enabling uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the cloud.

Why is Cloud Security so important?2021-09-30T10:17:53+00:00

Cloud security allows businesses to fearlessly explore the benefits of cloud computing without placing any of their employees or sensitive data at risk of compromise or corruption.

What is Cloud Security?2021-09-30T10:16:38+00:00

Cloud security is a general description for security solutions focused around cloud data and applications, typically including technology like cloud firewalls and web application firewalls.

What is Mobile Device Management?2021-09-30T09:49:36+00:00

These need to support your full fleet of devices, offer admins a single pane for monitoring, and offer integration with your existing infrastructure.

What is disaster recovery?2021-09-30T09:47:32+00:00

This involves making sure your organisation can respond and recover to any potential disruption to services. This usually involves high-level assessments of systems and infrastructure, analysing potential for backing up and restoring your data, ensuring business continuity, and protecting against security threats.

What causes poor mobile in-building coverage?2021-09-30T09:47:00+00:00

As a UK-wide provider for 25+ years, we’ve seen (and solved) most in-building problem scenarios. Especially for enterprise clients with their often bigger and deeper buildings. Thick walls is a common challenge, which can be solved by placing small Distributed Antenna Systems throughout your office, helping your signal go around rather than through walls.

What should I look for in a mobile phone business contract2021-09-30T09:46:18+00:00

While every business case is unique, at the minimum your partner should be able to provide 4G/5G access, caps to avoid bill shock, customised invoices, no throttling, a choice of the latest devices, roaming options with bolt-ons for even more customisation.

What business mobile tariffs are available?2021-10-28T19:47:48+00:00

We’ve sold mobile devices to UK businesses for 25+ years and can beat rates of advertised unlimited business tariffs. These include direct tariffs from the likes of O2 and Vodafone.

Which Microsoft 365 plans make it possible to configure Teams for a hybrid environment?2021-09-29T15:42:26+00:00

Hybrid deployments are currently supported in Microsoft 365 plans that support Azure Active Directory synchronisation. Microsoft 365 Apps for business and home don’t support hybrid deployments, while these do: Business Standard, Basic, Academic and Government, and midsize plans

What is hybrid mode in MS Teams?2021-09-29T15:41:54+00:00

This is where your on-premises users can connect to Teams, where they can take advantage of the multiple cloud services offered.

What are some of the benefits of hybrid working?2021-09-29T15:41:27+00:00

Much like how we work with our clients, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. This entirely depends on your hybrid working goals, your current environment, and your end users. Naturally, we offer solutions and consultancy to help you succeed in all these areas.

Why has hybrid working become in-demand now?2021-11-01T10:56:25+00:00

While a big driver has been the pandemic, the move to more flexible working, including hybrid, has been around for a while. The advent of cloud and BYOD culture are two drivers which have already helped show organisations the potential of remote working.

What is hybrid working?2021-09-29T15:40:23+00:00

Hybrid working employees spend some time in their central office, and some time elsewhere, either at home or in another location. Of course, successful hybrid working relies on solutions that bridge the gap between office and home.

Can I run contact centre services such as live chat and video?2021-09-28T15:34:44+00:00

Certainly. We can make sure these are part of your integrated platform, and easy to connect or upgrade.

What do you offer around contact centre compliance?2021-09-28T15:32:48+00:00

We offer a range of contact centre voice, data and network solutions to support you with compliance and governance requirements. These range from PCI, GDPR, MiFID II, and other FCA rules and regulations.

What do I need to consider if I want to migrate to a cloud contact centre?2021-09-28T15:32:13+00:00

We can help you decide which elements you need, and what sort of internet connection you’ll need. We can also recommend solutions for remote and hybrid contact centres – connecting workers, partners, or customers.

What happens if I have legacy contact centre solutions?2021-09-28T15:31:36+00:00

We regularly help customers successfully manage the switch from office to remote working. For example, installing softphone technology though your agent’s browsers. With nothing more than a headset and stable internet connection.

What’s needed for an omni-channel contact centre?2021-09-28T15:29:12+00:00

Alongside the hardware and networks, we’ll recommend you the right infrastructure to support your omni-channel strategy. In particular, around customer self-service. After all, offering something like a chatbot can be a game-changer – as long as it leads to a positive experience.

What are your business mobile tariffs and pricing?2021-09-24T14:39:26+00:00

As a dual network provider for O2 and Vodafone, you get access to flexible bundles with rock-solid coverage – with tariffs and pricing based on your requirements.

What if I already have corporate mobile phone contracts in place?2021-09-24T14:39:01+00:00

Our 25+ years’ experience means we can seamlessly transition your contracts. At every stage you stay informed, while we make sure you have connectivity to stay productive and minimise any possible disruption to your users

What’s the difference between mobile phone contracts for business and consumer?2021-09-24T14:38:36+00:00

For B2B mobile solutions, Arrow gives you a dedicated account manager, access to your private billing portal, usage alerts and caps to avoid bill shock, plus preferential rates including roaming options.

What’s included in your O2 (and Vodafone) business mobile contracts?2021-10-06T15:35:11+00:00

As a dual network provider for O2 and Vodafone, all mobile tariff options can be SIM-only, or with mobile devices, 5G-enabled, with no throttling on unlimited tariffs, with 2-year warranties.

How long are the contracts for your mobile business plans?2021-09-24T14:37:38+00:00

Typical contracts are 24 months and include unlimited minutes and texts. There are also 12-month contracts available on request.

Can you help with VoIP telephony and my ISDN connection?2021-09-24T11:35:30+00:00

The ISDN switch-off means Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a reliable route for companies to stay connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). We can support your company with options that include using SIP trunks on your phone system, or VoIP with a cloud telephony service.

How robust are the enterprise cloud telephony solutions?2021-09-24T11:35:01+00:00

Naturally, cloud’s capabilities are little use if you don’t also have enterprise-grade reliability and connectivity. That’s why your instance is hosted in dedicated data centres, for advanced resilience, scalability and uptime.

Does the cloud telephony services include adding telephony to Teams?2021-09-24T11:34:39+00:00

Yes, as a Platinum or Gold partner we specialise in giving enterprise-level integration to Teams. Screen sharing, file sharing, video conferencing – all the features you need to collaborate and be productive.

What size businesses can use your hosted IP telephony?2021-09-24T11:34:15+00:00

We currently support many thousands of users, from SMBs through to large, complex and distributed organisations. Support services are equally diverse, with access to Gamma Horizon and Scala cloud platforms, hosted data centres, and of course a full suite of IT, Telecoms and networks capabilities.

Do you offer enterprise-grade computer telephony integration?2021-09-24T11:33:43+00:00

Yes, part of our service can include integrating your cloud telephony with your business applications. For example, your CRM integrated with your contact centre, giving your agents real-time intelligence to enhance customer experience and insight.

How many energy management services can I outsource?2021-09-23T10:45:09+00:00

It’s entirely up to you. As with all Arrow services, we are as flexible as you want, and always based on your business needs. We are a full-service broker, so even if you want to start with outsourcing a few services, you can easily outsource more in the future.

Do you offer self-service with your business energy contracts?2021-09-23T10:44:45+00:00

Alongside a team of expert consultants, you get access to the Pulse Online Database (POD). This gives you full access to your energy management data, showing all contracts and related documents. You can also use POD to generate an annual gas and electricity budget.

Can you help me reduce my business energy bills?2021-09-23T10:44:15+00:00

We have a framework, developed over many years, which examines all aspects of your expenditure. This includes legal reviews of suppliers’ proposals, sourcing quotes from the largest energy firms and specialist suppliers, validating bills against your energy consumption, and evaluating charges and taxes.

When is the best time to start thinking about energy contract renewal?2021-09-23T10:43:40+00:00

Ideally this would take place years in advance, giving us the maximum time to optimise budgets. The goal is to avoid you coming to the end of a contract without already having a new contract in place.

Can you advise on renewable energy strategies?2021-09-23T10:42:11+00:00

We work with many large enterprises to cover every angle of renewable energy strategies. From sourcing to ensuring compliance, through to managing supply and securing infrastructure.

What is the best mobile phone plan for small business?2021-08-19T16:20:34+00:00

There are several contract options and tariffs, depending on how much data you want to use. O2 and Vodafone contracts with UNLIMITED data cost £25.00 per month through Arrow.

Which network is best for business?2021-08-19T08:38:25+00:00

The best mobile networks for business contracts in the UK are O2 and Vodafone.

Booking travel arrangements2020-08-31T13:39:52+00:00

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Organizing your to-do list and calendar2020-08-31T13:27:37+00:00

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