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What sort of features are available with IPScape and Luware?

Our partners offer a range of features that focus on high-quality customer and employee experience. These include cloud telephony modules for call groups, internal help desks, screensharing, automatic dialling, IVR, disaster recovery, robotic process automation. 

Can Teams include voice analytics?

We offer a range of voice solutions from best-in-breed vendors, many of which include analytics for you to monitor and optimise performance.

What is MiFID II and how does it relate to a contact centre?

MiFID II is a directive for businesses operating in the finance industry. It states they must define and adapt how they record and process customer interactions. Contact centres must therefore consider how this impacts their use of call scripts, identity management, and consent.

What is PCI-compliant call recording?

This is the legal process for capturing calls in a way that matches the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Any time a customer gives their card details in a call that is recorded/captured, you need to put in place systems to comply.

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