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How can Administrators assign and edit access controls in Talkdesk?

The Roles and Permissions tab in Talkdesk offers advanced usability and allows you to manage your team more effectively. In this tab, Administrators can define and edit user roles (administrator, supervisor, agent, or any other custom role), specify unique Talkdesk settings for each role and assign agents to specific roles.

Which operating environments are supported with Talkdesk?

Operating System (OS): Windows 10 / OSX 10.14+ / Linux 64bit (Debian 9 or Red Hat 8 based distros) / Chrome OS RAM: Recommended 8GB of RAM CPU: Intel i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 Browser: Google Chrome configured as the default browser and updated to the latest version

Which platforms does Talkdesk integrate with?

Talkdesk allows you to integrate with over 60 CRM, Helpdesk, Sales, and other business tools. To see the full list of integration options, please visit Talkdesk’s Integrations page.

Does Talkdesk offer training for customers?

Yes! Talkdesk Academy is a free online resource where Agents, Supervisors, and Admins can learn more about Talkdesk. These courses contain instructive videos and short quizzes, and are handcrafted to develop the knowledge of both new and existing team members.

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