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Network threat detection

What is account takeover?

This is when a malicious third party breaks into a user’s account. Often the account contains personal details, which can be used for more serious forms of identity theft.

What is “pattern of life” analysis?

This analyses behaviours, patterns and movements related to an entity such as your corporate network. Over time, this pattern becomes established and so any deviation is flagged up as a possible breach.

Why is Autonomous Response important for Network Security?

Autonomous Response is capable of working out the correct action to take to curb or stop an in-progress attack, without the need for human intervention. Regardless of time of day, or where the attack comes in — through cloud, SaaS, email, or the corporate network — the AI takes precise action to [...]

How does Self-Learning AI work?

Self-Learning AI is made up of many thousands of algorithms that inform its decision-making, each with different strengths. These algorithms operate in competition with one another to deliver the best model for every user and device. To determine which algorithms to employ at any given moment, Darktrace uses a smart [...]

What is Self-Learning AI?

AI is transforming the way we perform myriad tasks within our business and personal lives. But not all AI is created equal. Rather than using large volumes of training data, Self-Learning AI learns on the job from real-time data. Applied to cyber security, this means that it can identify and [...]

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