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Net Zero Planning

Which government schemes exist for low carbon electricity?

The government has introduced multiple policies and schemes that relate to low carbon and net zero electricity initiatives. These include Climate Change Agreements, Climate Change Levies, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

What procurement options exist for zero carbon electricity?

Choosing the right option can be a huge challenge – especially for larger organisations with multiple contracts. That’s why we offer a specialised procurement service, which involves assessing current usage, evaluating taxes and charges, sourcing quotes, legal reviews, and plenty more.

What does carbon net zero mean?

This means achieving a neutral (ie zero) balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced, and the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the Earth’s atmosphere.

How does carbon offsetting work in practice?

Companies emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases (their carbon footprint) invest in projects that store or reduce carbon emission. To be offset, the amount emitted should be less than the amount stored or reduced.

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