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Mobile Inbuilding Coverage

How much is an in-building coverage solution?

Costs vary depending on how many networks you would need and how many floors and space is required. We can provide an approximate quote and a desktop design from a set of floor plans. So, if you are interested, send them in to your account manager.

What’s included?

All the network operator cells and supporting switches. If exiting cabling is not needed, we can also provide this at a competitive rate

How does the solution work?

Small cell in-building coverage solutions allow for internal cells (size of a router) to receive mobile traffic from devices. This is then sent via the building data network to the installed switches, usually in a main comms room. Then, via partitioned or dedicated connectivity, it’s sent out to the Freshwave [...]

What mobile networks are covered?

In-building coverage is provided by Freshwave, so you’re covered and supported by all four main UK operators (O2, Vodafone, EE and Three).

What is an in-building coverage solution?

An in-building coverage solution is a system installed to provide mobile phone coverage to an area lacking signal. Types and prices vary, and usually depend on office size and number of users.

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