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Why do you need email incident response?

When an attack hits your inbox, it can spread throughout the rest of your company network fast, causing exponential damage and increasing cost. Incident response solutions are built to eliminate these malicious emails as quickly as possible before carrying out remediation actions to halt the overall attack’s progress and minimise damages. 

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?

The advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine. This detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real time, and identifies which of your employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis. The technology understands the typical communication patterns and writing styles in your email environment. Any unusual activity or changes [...]

Why do you need a Secure Email Gateway?

Microsoft 365 does have an inbuilt spam filter, but this may not always be enough to combat tactics of today’s spammers. Secure Email Gateways are tried-and-tested (rather than new or ground-breaking solution), and remain the best defence against inbound and outbound spam and malware. 

What is Multi-Layered Email Security?

With multi-layered email security solutions, additional layers such as AI-powered threat detection and incident response are built upon a more traditional secure email gateway (SEG). This significantly reduces your organisation’s risk of attackers bypassing their defences

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