Ericsson has released a new guide for mobile network operators on how they could maximise their revenue and streamline their operations as the digital world moves towards 5G technology and a more widespread Internet of Things (IoT).
The 5G-IoT report, entitled The guide to capturing the 5G industry digitalisation business potential, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and could provide a valuable insight into which areas will see the most development in the coming years.
The research involved more than 400 digitalisation case studies in industries including manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, media and agriculture. Out of this number, more than 200 were identified as areas where 5G is likely to play a vital role as the internet evolves.
Attention was also given to how operators might be able to make better use of the technology, potentially increasing their revenues by 36 per cent if they address key challenges and enable themselves to reach the full 5G-enabled digitalisation potential.
Real-time automation was highlighted as providing potentially the biggest growth area in 5G business opportunities, closely followed by enhanced video services.
Head of 5G commercialisation at Ericsson Thomas Noren said: “Operators employ strategic and operational activities to address challenges facing the success of their offerings. Even though they’re not yet 5G offerings, these activities – such as go-to-market channels and trial and experimentation – will be equally important, if not more, when evolved towards 5G.”
A previous 5G Business Potential report from Ericsson discovered that operators could add between 12 and 36 per cent to their service revenues in 2026 if they target the digital transformation of other industries with 5G-IoT technology.
It is expected that trials of 5G use cases will begin this year, with more than 70 per cent of companies likely to have them in operation by 2021.
The biggest drivers for this were predicted as being taking advantage of early adoption and being seen as industry leaders.

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