Early perceptions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Not just the Note 7 with a new battery, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a wide selection of new features as standard that might just make it perfect for your business needs.

After the high-profile recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it’s not surprising that all eyes will be on the company’s new device when it is released later in September. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be among the most feature-packed smartphones ever released, but will it live up to the hype?

While consumers will have to wait to get their hands on the phone, experts have already had a chance to explore its features. 

One of the first things anyone will notice about the Note 8 is its size. Some users will find the 6.3-inch screen an effective way to see the display clearly, while others will consider it excessive compared to the 5.7 inches originally boasted by the Note series.

The size of the screen has been softened by the curved Infinity Display and sloped sides, but you would be forgiven for having a tablet come to mind when handling the Note 8. When compared directly to the Note 7, you’ll find the device is taller and thicker, although only just.

Such a large display makes split screen use obvious and as such, Samsung has made this process easier to set up. Dual app shortcuts, known as App Pair can be added to the home screen, so that two specific apps will open up immediately in the split screen format.

It’s not just the size that is different with the screen, but also its brightness. The Note 8 is 22 per cent brighter than its closest competitor, the Galaxy S8. With 1,200 nits (a unit of visible-light intensity), you will notice the difference, especially if you need to use your phone in direct sunlight.

Another feature that is likely to be useful for the business user is the S Pen stylus, a tool that has been introduced in previous models, and remains useful for precision work. Instead of a physical home button, you’ll find an alternative on the screen above the soft keys.

Seeing as the Note 8 is a smartphone designed with the 21st century in mind, it’s not surprising that it comes with its own AI assistant as standard. Bixby not only helps you get jobs completed, but learns your routine in order to make assistance more intuitive. Perfect if you don’t have your own PA.

One area where the spec of the Note 7 outshone the Note 8 is in the size of the battery, but everyone knows how that ended. With a 3,300 mAh battery, you may find it doesn’t last as long, although wireless charging should find it easy enough to power up when required.

For the first time ever, Samsung has surpassed 4GB of RAM as standard on a smartphone, with the Note 8 exhibiting an impressive 6GB of RAM. This will likely make up for the shorter battery life.

If notetaking is your real reason for investing in the Note 8 for your business, then there is added justification for getting one. You can take hundreds of pages of memos without having to unlock the device, offering up perfect functionality when time is short.

In the global marketplace, it can also be very useful to carry out a certain amount of translation on your phone. In the past, this has been limited to single words, but on the Note 8, it is now possible to convert whole sentences. This leads to a much better understanding between parties and is far more useful than trying to piece together the meaning of a phrase from the sum of its parts in a business setting.

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