Fibre Leased Line

This is our flagship connectivity product delivering dedicated bandwidth via a fibre leased line provided solely for your business. We can offer bearers between 100Mb and 10Gb with whichever bandwidth you require which will allow scalability as your business grows in size and requirements.  Our leased lines ensure high performance for the purpose of carrying data, SIP and video traffic. With our use of multiple carriers to deliver our products we are able to provide a very large footprint whether in the UK or international locations and this is all managed from our support teams in the Midlands.

We have found that fibre leased lines are in huge demand due to an increase in bandwidth requirements from SMEs and larger businesses alike – this could be due to the adoption of IP telephony, running services in the cloud, moving infrastructure into hosted platforms and also increased usage of the internet for everyday tasks. Consistent levels of bandwidth are required which are depended upon by users and this is exactly what the fibre leased lines deliver.

We can also provide resilience options including ADSL2, EFM or fibre leased lines which can automatically activate on the incredibly unlikely scenario that the primary circuit was to fail.  Ongoing support is provided from our teams as well as proactive circuit monitoring and management.

Arrow can also quote to supply your leased line with a firewall allowing us to assist with traffic management and security. This will also help us provide you with a fully managed service if you choose to take other products from us, such as an IP phone system or IT services.

Fibre Leased Line

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