The increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape is evolving faster than security teams can respond to, according to new research from RedSeal.

The company’s second annual Resilience Report found that a lack of preparation is “pervasive” among businesses around the world. The new research also found that there is a huge gap between perceived and true detection times, while compliance drives cyber planning rather than company strategy.

The 2017 report asked 600 US and UK chief information security officers and senior IT decision makers about the biggest challenges they face. Across the board, the majority of these professionals said that all four of the areas central to cybersecurity are at risk – resources, preparation, detection and overarching strategy – which then exposes their organisations to significant cyber threats.

More than half (54 per cent) of senior cyber security professionals think the threat landscape is evolving far faster than their organisation can respond. The same proportion of respondents said don’t have the tools and resources they need, while 55 per cent can’t react quickly enough to limit damage in the event of a major security incident.

A total of 79 per cent said their organisation can’t access insights to prioritise their response to an incident. Only a fifth of of respondents said they are extremely confident that their company would continue to operate as usual upon discovery of a cyber attack or breach.

Ray Rothrock, CEO and chairman of RedSeal, said: “Having any one of these four areas – resources, preparation, detection and overarching strategy – in crisis is dangerous. Combined, they’re the harbinger of security disaster for any organisation.

“This report underscores the urgency for the leaders of cyber strategy to pivot and aggressively pursue resilience, the ability to maintain business as usual while navigating an attack, as the new gold standard. Being prepared is the best defence.”

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