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Cyber Security

Cyber Security2022-02-07T12:03:40+00:00

Seamless cyber security for modern workplaces

Work with us and you get an industry-recognised (twice Barracuda Partner of the year) partner with every major supplier. The emphasis is very much on working “with” you. You can access service levels up to ‘Complete Managed Service’, and with design, implementation and support for your most advanced cyber security requirements.

We specialise in supporting complex organisations that require bespoke solutions. Where you may need new products to be integrated into your current processes and existing architecture.  In a way that ensures you stay compliant, negate threats, while protecting your business, people and reputation.

Maximising your Microsoft 365 Total Protection

You’ve seen how the growth of hybrid working has accelerated the growth in threat vectors. Microsoft 365 tools are at the heart of many enterprises’ hybrid working strategies. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we can manage your vectors, while making sure you get the most out of Microsoft 365 Total Protection.

  • Multi-layered security strategies, designed, built and proven to ensure Business As Usual.
  • AI engine to combat those highly targeted phishing and account takeover attempts that target your senior executives.
  • We can advise, set up and support response and recovery strategies that limit the impact on your business.
M365 Total Protection

Cloud and Network Security from a network specialist

Explore how our many strategic partnerships with best-of-breed providers will secure your business. You can also tap into our networks expertise, for example with IoT, to secure and support your connected devices.

  • Flexible management and monitoring to protect your infrastructure, systems and devices.
  • Enterprise-grade analysis of network behaviour and packet data flow, detecting potential internal and external threats to your network.
  • Advanced analytics help turn your expanding network into a source of cyber security intelligence.
Network Security

Data Protection and Storage for business continuity

Gain proven backup solutions to complement your cyber defences. Built for complex data challenges.

  • Strategic guidance on data residing in non-secure locations that can impact retention policies.
  • Providing local and offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Take your protection beyond what’s provided by Microsoft, and get dedicated support from a partner that’s trusted by 500,000+ users.
Data Protection and Storage

Cloud security: Trust in our track record

Work with us and you’ll be in good company. You’ll join clients from FTSE100 firms, major e-tailers and high-profile UK brandsWhere end-to-end cloud security isn’t just about protecting data, infrastructure and operations. Our solutions also ensure you meet your legal and regulatory requirements, while also supporting strategic cloud objectives.

  • Migrate securely to SaaS, public cloud, and hybrid environments.
  • Protect remote and mobile workers.
  • Defend against website and application threats.
Cloud Security

About Us

With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


What is Cloud Security?2021-09-30T10:16:38+00:00

Cloud security is a general description for security solutions focused around cloud data and applications, typically including technology like cloud firewalls and web application firewalls.

Why is Cloud Security so important?2021-09-30T10:17:53+00:00

Cloud security allows businesses to fearlessly explore the benefits of cloud computing without placing any of their employees or sensitive data at risk of compromise or corruption.

What is a Cloud Generation Firewall?2021-09-30T10:18:54+00:00

Cloud Generation firewalls combine full next-generation security with the connectivity optimization of a full SD-WAN solution onto one single, easy to manage hardware, virtual or cloud appliance – improving site-to-site connectivity and enabling uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the cloud.

What is a Web Application Firewall?2021-09-30T10:19:29+00:00

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects websites and applications from attackers who use protocol and application vulnerabilities to steal data, deny service (DDoS), or deface websites. This is done by inspecting HTTP traffic before it reaches your applications, and filtering out the threat before any damage can be dealt.

What is Azure security?2021-09-30T10:20:00+00:00

We work with the major cloud platforms, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. We can advise you on which is most suitable, depending on your needs, and based on requirements around networking, access control, remote access, DDoS, traffic management, monitoring and threat detection.

What are managed cyber security solutions?2021-10-16T11:54:13+00:00

Managed services can give you enterprise-grade security without enterprise-grade complexity. You can outsource to a third party who will protect your networks and data, and also optimise your operations and processes. 

What is Unified Threat Management (UTM)?2021-10-16T11:54:48+00:00

UTM gives you a single installation on your networkthat acts as protection for multiple security functions, such as malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, hackers, and viruses/worms/trojans.

What backup and recovery services are available?2021-10-16T11:55:23+00:00

Solutions such as Veamm, one of our partners, enable disaster recovery within seconds. You can back up, replicate and enable cloud mobility from a single console. You also get real-time monitoring for managing threats and data security.

What cyber security solutions are available for public cloud?2021-10-16T11:55:57+00:00

The nature of public cloud requires high level of control to ensure your data is kept separate from others. We offer specialised public cloud security and firewall solutions, designed for AWS/Azure/Google.

What cyber security solutions are available for network security?2021-10-16T11:56:31+00:00

Protecting your networks involves strategic expertise, to analyse your systemand monitor traffic flow, bandwidth and general vigilance of your infrastructure. To achieve this, we can advise you on the right firewalls, SD-WAN, IoT device security, load balancers, general web security and much more.

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